5 Great Reasons for Understanding Customer Communication Styles

The landscape for businesses is becoming more fast-paced, high-tech and competitive with each year. Customers are expecting personalized offerings based on their interests, customized experiences based on their preferences and efficient service delivery on their terms. They want to resolve problems with a simple phone call… or by sending an email, starting a LinkedIn discussion, Tweeting or online chatting. Solutions should be available quickly and without the expense of much effort.

customer service experience, client engagementWhether it means expanding the social networking team to ensure every post on their Facebook page is responded to or taking a closer look at the User Experience to optimize navigation of their website, more and more businesses are putting processes in place to meet the increasingly high demands of customers. And theyre not only doing this to ensure business growth ? businesses are taking these steps to safeguard their survival. These businesses understand the importance of keeping customers happy. They know that serving the customer as the customer wants to be served produces a boost in brand appeal as well as the bottom line.

Reaching customers through the right channels and having a user friendly website may make it easier for the customer to connect with your business ? but how is your business doing once the customer actually connects; when interacting with the customer?

When the customer received a response to their support ticket did it make them feel relieved or stressed, and did the email campaign you just sent out provide just the right amount of information or discourage recipients with too much?

Unless you know the communication style of each customer you wont be able to answer these questions. Think about how technology can help you solve this problem by identifying the communication style of each customer and employee across the business to deliver an automated process for customizing the customer experience and increasing customer engagement.

The benefits of having this behavioral data about your customers are many, but here are some of my favorite reasons for understanding customer communication styles:

  1. Its makes customer segmentation simple. Knowing the communication style of customers allows for automatic segmentation of your lead and contact base. Some customers will want very detailed information while others will want a few bullet points. When you know which customers are which, you can split them into their appropriate groups and serve them accordingly.
  2. You can provide a customized experience. One size fits all may work sometimes but custom-fit is preferred always. When you know each customers communication style, you can easily structure your approach and message in a way that appeals to them. This will raise their level of interest and engagement.
  3. Customers will like talking to customer service. Now that you know the communication style of each customer and employee ? you can match them.? Imagine if each time a customer call or email came in, it was automatically routed to an employee with a similar communication style. The result is a more productive and comfortable conversation. This is a great way to make your customers feel more connected to your team and therefore your business.
  4. You can make workflow management work for each customer. Setting up workflow processes can be a guessing game. Should leads receive monthly calls from the sales team or a marketing email each week? When you know the service preferences of each customer you can say goodbye to guesswork because workflow guidelines for each of the 4 communication styles have already been defined. Allocate your time and money to the most effective strategies for each.
  5. You can market intelligently. As someone who is passionate about marketing and advertising, I have always had an appreciation for businesses that make an effort to truly understand their customers as the customer will be better served as a result.

    Communication DNA: Customize Your Messaging
    The more clarity you get on what matters to your customers, the easier it is to design, develop and position targeted marketing messages and advertising campaigns. So as you uncover behavioral information about your customers, systematically apply it to each level of your marketing programs. This includes simple segmentation for email campaign lists, customization of email templates and an overall measurable improvement in your marketing performance.

What are your top reasons for understanding customer communication styles?

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