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Behaviorally Smart Money-15-What is Family Continuity?

On this edition Hugh joins David to talk about the concept of Family Continuity as seen through the DNA Behavior framework…   Some highlights[...]

Behaviorally Smart Money-14-Advisor Performance

On this edition Hugh and Leon talk about a range of subjects relating to “Advisor Performance” as seen through their lens and framework at DNA[...]

Behaviorally Smart Money-13-Hiring and Talent Development

The science and art of hiring and properly matching positions to organizational needs and culture is mission-critical to success. In this episode, Hugh Massie[...]

Behaviorally Smart Money – Episode 12 – Team Productivity

In this edition, we cover the subject of TEAM PERFORMANCE as it relates to the DNA Behavior Platform, including… Understanding that Behavior, Communication,[...]

Behaviorally Smart Money-11-Leadership and Team Development

Hugh Massie and Leon Morales join David Wolf to discuss many aspects of leadership team development and productivity. They discuss and provide examples of how[...]

Behaviorally Smart Money-10 – How Communication DNA Works in Practice

Hugh Massie and Leon Morales join David Wolf to dig deeper into the Communication DNA platform – how it integrates and helps financial advisors engage[...]