How to Engage Different Personalities for Business Success

The winds of change are moving fast through the modern economy. Business performance improvement is no longer just about left brain rational processes, new products, technology and information. Rather, it is about integrating a more right brained engaging approach by navigating the human differences of diverse employees and clients (or customers). Further, in order to […]

5 Ways to Leverage Customer Touchpoints to Build Business

How many customer touchpoints are there in your business? Are your customers experiencing excellence and a feeling of engagement at every point? Are industry leaders keen to read your publications and talk to you about your visionary approach to customer centricity? If you cannot equivocally say you are at such a level ? read on… […]

The Two Best Predictors of Team Productivity

Why do some teams get excellent results while others seem to struggle? In order to answer that question, most leaders will focus on analyzing the metrics such as sales, number of office visits, average call handling time, and number of issues resolved, to understand the performance gap.? While the numbers can provide the bottom line […]