Sticking to an Authentic Behavioral Discovery Process

The process of gathering scientifically based behavioral data is interesting. Filled with comments and contradictions. We at DNA Behavior have seen and heard them all. The most often heard ...
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Markets Are Not Predictable, But Human Behavior Is

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. Understanding how to uniquely manage each client during periods of market volatility is a major issue for advisory firms. So, when you ...
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Financial Advisors: Are You Ready To Embrace Artificial Intelligence?

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. And the hits keep coming, so to speak. Never has every move, decision, and interaction with clients of financial advisors been analyzed ...
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Startup entrepreneurs working on their venture in coworking space

Diversity and Inclusion Make Teams Great

This article first appeared on HR Management. Is diversity and inclusion (D&I) in organizations and teams just the latest HR craze? Or maybe just a nod to equality ...
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Financial Advisors: A Unique Approach Is Essential When Advising Entrepreneurs

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. Getting to know a client in advance is a sound business approach; getting to know an entrepreneur client in advance is ...
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Leaders Win By Putting People Before Numbers

This article first appeared on HR Management. Our greatest asset is our people. How often have you heard such a statement and then wondered why attrition at the company ...
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Are We Hardwired To Derail Our Own Investments?

This article first appeared on Nasdaq. People don't make rational decisions, including decisions about investing. The degree to which we make ludicrous choices depends on our DNA. (No, ...
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How Not to be Named and Shamed in the #metoo Movement

This article first appeared on HR Management. As leaders, we have a responsibility to understand the impact our behaviour has on the people we have the responsibility (and ...
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The Canon Curve – Episode 19: Hugh Massie

Keeping us ahead of the Curve today is an individual who takes a unique approach to the financial services industry-understanding human behavior, not just numbers. By applying behavioral psychology to ...
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