Management Principle: Fully Present

Because human beings are open loop creatures (see last week’s principle), communication and connection are essential for proper human function. When organizational leaders fail to communicate in an authentic way, people lack something they need to operate at optimum levels. For those who have learned the secret of being fully present, they enjoy the fruits […]

Why Retailers Want to Read Your Mind

A recent USA Today article detailed the mix of initiatives that retailers are testing in order to target you with products and promotions that are likely to resonate with you. Why do retailers want to read your mind? Because they understand that if they enhance a customers overall experience in their store, their customers will spend more time and money.

Management Principle: Conflict

Well performing, sustainable firms are those with a healthy culture and people who are motivated to serve, rather than just show up. The most debilitating of all sicknesses is when intra-company relationships turn sour, and conflict is resolved by either abandoning or abusing proper communication protocols. Today’s principle focuses on the only real option if […]