White Paper: Blind Spots in the Financial Advice Process

May 10, 2013
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Every financial advisory firm has a client planning process which it considers to be sound. However, it is likely that the process will have one or more key areas that are missing or are not being adequately executed with the appropriate systems.

In raising these “blind spots” we fully recognize that there is an inherent tension between enhancing client engagement, which boosts revenues, and compliance, which protects the business. Our recently released “Blind Spots in the Financial Advice Process” white paper serves to highlight these “blind spots” that your firm should be aware of, and then recommended actions to consider.behavioral finance, financial planning, blind spots, home office goals, client behavior, financial personality

Where are the blind-spots in your firm’s current advisory process causing this gap?

Read the Executive Summary to the White Paper

Download the Blind Spots in the Financial Advice Process White Paper

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2 years 8 months ago
The challenge is that how these financial advisors will survive for the next 3-5 years. They should define the next move to protect their clients and future clients.