4 “Must Have” Apps for Financial Advisors

Advisors wear many hats. Advisors need to be great networkers, great money managers, great bosses, and a great wealth mentor. Salesforce can help with some of these activities inherently just by keeping you organized, but the real ticket is inside the Salesforce Appexchange where independent software providers have developed apps to make your life easier.

I have selected 4 cutting edge apps to help with your marketing, client service, workflow management, compliance, document creation processes, and keeping a watchful eye on your clients portfolio.

Communication DNA | Customize your marketing and client service activities

Communication DNA is a customer engagement app used by advisors to discover the emotional decision-making patterns of clients to allow for the real time customization of marketing and client service activities. You as an advisor, use this information to understand what drives your clients decision making, and help establish the environment that your clients need in order to financially perform.

Communication DNA delivers your clients communication keys, preferences and contact details directly to your Salesforce account without you lifting a finger.

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How Communication DNA works:

Process Composer | Workflow Management for your Advisory Team

Process composer is a smart engine to build and automate simple or complex repeatable processes. Create a firm-wide consistent client experience, enable visibility by seeing the status of client requests, & drive Salesforce adoption by imbedding routine processes in CRM.

CREATE CONSISTENCY: build sales, service, HR, and compliance processes so they happen the same way every time.

CREATE VISIBILITY: empower employees with the ability to graphically see the status of client requests.

DRIVE ADOPTION: imbed your routine processes inside Salesforce CRM to create dependency and drive usage.

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How Process Composer works:

Conga Composer | Easily generate your documents for Compliance
Easily generate custom proposals, account plans, contracts, presentations and emails with content from multiple objects and related lists. Works with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF forms and HTML email in single, batch and scheduled operations.

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How Conga Composer Works:

Sycamore | Client and Compliance Manager
A simple, easy to use application designed specifically for a financial advisor. Automated workflows, Client communication and seamless data integration help you manage your customers more efficiently and effectively.
A complete client balance sheet is tracked. Assets include bank accounts, financial accounts, holdings and insurance policies. On the liability side, both short term debt like car loans and credit cards are tracked as well as long term debt such as mortgages and home equity loans.

Plus, Sycamore provides checks & approval processes to ensure you stay compliant.

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Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott - CTO, Prod Dev & Integrations

As the CTO, Prod Dev & Integrations, Ryan designs, develops, and maintains all of the web-based DNA Behavior products and solutions in addition to providing support for clients.

He has a passion for creating and implementing efficient business processes and leveraging technology throughout our business.

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