DNA Behavior International was established in 2001 and has become a worldwide leader in the provision of human behavioral solutions that focus on the transformation of how people, families and businesses make decisions.

We offer a wide range of unique human behavioral discovery, consulting, training, mentoring and coaching programs to individuals, families and businesses in over 10 countries. Each program uniquely blends human behavioral discovery with solutions that lead to individuals and families making the right choices and for businesses enhancing the customer service experience. All of these programs draw on very powerful and predictive human behavioral insights obtained from proprietary DNA Behavior personality profiling systems completed by individuals, families and businesses.



Financial DNA
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Financial DNA is a proprietary solution for comprehensively discovering all dimensions of a client’s financial personality based on extensive behavioral finance research to manage decision-making for improving financial planning performance.


Communication DNA
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Communication DNA is a proprietary solution used to discover a persons unique communication and learning style for the real time customization of sales, marketing and service activities to enhance client or customer engagement for improving relationship performance.


Business DNA
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Business DNA is a proprietary solution designed to holistically and reliably discover the behavioral talents and communication styles of leaders, employees and customers or clients and then develop how they are performing for improving Business Performance.