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Accelerate Your Team Productivity

“Great managers would offer this advice: Focus on each person’s strengths and manage around his weaknesses… Help each person become more of who he already is. This radical insight is fueled by one simple insight: Each person is different.”
– Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, First, Break All the Rules

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Source:
As a leader – with this thought in mind, how would you accelerate your team’s productivity as business emerges from a long lockout – these are important questions to ask and answer in order to get industry (in every sector) up and productive again. How effectively will your leadership style promote an atmosphere of ‘get up and go’ – or will it.

In most cases, a business runs on results, which if not achieved will ultimately cause it to fail. So, it is natural for people to become obsessively results-oriented. Is that your approach? The problem with an exclusively results-focused approach is it ignores the importance of relationships and communication, which are ironically significant contributors to achieving results.

Know Your People to Increase Productivity

Many organizations are approaching us to invest in DNA Behavior Natural Discovery services in order to understand at a deeper level how best to use and apply behavioral insights to get productivity climbing again. Apart from gaining important insight into whether a person is more results or relationship-focused, the outcomes highlight each team member’s strongest behavioral traits (or talents) which are foundational to team productivity.

This scientifically-based data gathering approach gives leaders and team members insight into strengths that can be guided to increase productivity. Further, it reveals areas of limitation that with coaching intervention can be managed. The information is delivered to you in real-time on any device. You don’t have to remember how to approach one of your team leaders just dial up their name and there is the information, at hand.

Business DNA Report

Behaviorally smart leaders are effective matchmakers, they take the right person with the right talents and match that person with the right tasks and responsibilities. The perfect match builds a person’s self-confidence and makes him/her want to work harder. It is not then, the leader who inspires. Rather it is the leader’s responsibility to help others inspire themselves.

How functional is your team?

Here are some points to ponder as you consider your team:

  • Have you reflected on why you are in your position and more importantly what your role should be now as the world exits from the pandemic shutdown?
  • Do you know what the unique behavioral talents of your colleagues are and how you intend to use them going forward?
  • Do you know how to capitalize on the differences in your team? Managing behavioral differences to get teams working more effectively together is where the real gold lies.
  • Is everyone on your team committed to the business? This question must be asked and answered. Having become overly familiar with ‘home/remote working’ are your people ready to get back to a building – OR is this a good time to completely review your organization’s structure. Let us know if this is what you need, we can help you.
  • Do you know how to adapt your communication to address others on their terms? This is increasing productivity 1-0-1. Get this right and teams will deliver the momentum for you.
  • Do your team members trust each other? A bigger question is do they trust you? When they see you investing into getting to know them better and working with their different communication, behavioral and talent styles, trust will be developed across the organization.
A Call to Action – We’re Here to Help

Regardless of whether or not you are prepared to invest time in profiling the behavioral styles of your team members, your team will benefit from each person being asked to consider the above questions. We encourage you to use DNA Behavior scientifically based insight as it is more measurable and facilitates the sharing of the information between the team members on a less emotional basis. Perhaps more importantly, you no longer have to lead on the premise of ‘one size fits all’, now you can inspire your team to greater productivity based on sound understanding of how best to motivate them as individuals.

Accelerate Your Team Productivity

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Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie - President and Founder of DNA Behavior International

Hugh Massie is a Behavioral Finance Strategist helping people and organizations worldwide "behavioralize money". His purpose is to guide people to be Behaviorally SMART for achieving greater financial empowerment so they can live with meaning and unlock their human potential.

Hugh liberates investors, advisors and organizational leaders with a unique blend of financial personality and economic insights to make improved life, financial and business decisions.In particular, he helps people become more self-aware so they do not make emotional decisions under pressure which sabotage their relationships and long-term horizon goals.

Hugh has over 60,000 hours of experience serving millions of investors with assets of $1 to $1 billion+ and the leaders of more than 2,500 businesses in 123 countries. (