Advisers Probe Clients’ Financial Personalities

A recent article from The Wall Street Journal describes how Advisers are using Financial DNA to figure out their clients’ behavioral-finance types and how best to communicate with each one.

“Just as some advisers segment clients by asset level or some other metric to determine what level or types of service they need, advisers like Ms. Surratt classify clients based on their personalities to figure out more effective ways to interact with them.”? – THOMAS COYLE, The Wall Street Journal

Read the full article here

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    Most investors are primarily emotional or primarily cognitive–and thus
    prone either to emotional or cognitive errors. The upshot: In the midst of a market
    meltdown, it does little good to tell emotional investors that their Sharpe ratios, or
    some other wonky measure, are looking better by the day. It’s better to get
    emotional investors thinking about the purpose of their portfolios-
    I strongly believe Advisors need to connect deeply with their client by using the DNA profiles to make a difference in theirs and clients.


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