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Can Behavioral Diversity Strengthen Financial Advice?

– First Published on Nasdaq – When financial advisors bring unique backgrounds and perspectives to the advisory process, including behavioral diversity, it can strengthen financial advice. That’s not only a win-win for advisor and client, but it can also be the edge advisors need and the edge savvy clients are looking for. In fact, delivering consensus advice that […]

Capitalize on ESG Investing Via Your Tech Stack

– First Published on Nasdaq – The 1990s introduced “the triple bottom line” as a measure of the integrity and sustainability of a business. Investors wanted to know their money was doing something meaningful, understanding that the “triple” in question is profit, people and the planet. The concept evolved into Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and […]

ESG Investing: A Match for Post-Pandemic Outlook

– First Published on Nasdaq – Interest in ESG investing has risen significantly in recent years. So, what is it? ESG represents Environmental, Social and (Corporate) Governance factors as a measure of sustainability and social impact of an investment. It’s intended as another “lens” investors and advisors may want to use, alongside, not usurping, financial factors. For […]

Are You Dehumanizing Advisor-Client Relationships?

– First Published on Nasdaq – The phrase Artificial Intelligence (AI) was likely first used by computer pioneer John McCarthy in 1956 at a Dartmouth College conference. And the concept of AI was even on the minds of classical philosophers as they delved into human thought processes. Today we usually think of AI as computer systems mimicking human behaviors. […]

Does My Advisor Understand His Own Bias (Digitally)?

– First Published on Nasdaq – I recently had an interesting conversation with an investor who had attended a behavioral finance webinar. He shared that his advisor’s level of communication had improved dramatically – from being less tolerant and on occasions showing bias – to having a meaningful conversations about life-goals and how to tolerate sudden market […]