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A Veteran’s Day Tribute with Brian Sulc

For the past few years, we at DNA Behavior have always acknowledged and celebrated our community of veterans on National Veterans Day. We take it to heart to honor those who wear and have worn the uniform of our armed forces.   I have served in the Air Force for a few years and can honestly say that the camaraderie you […]

Investment Committee Membership: Professional Significance Isn’t Enough

– First Published on Nasdaq – Investment Committees have historically been formed based on members’ professional experience. But in today’s climate, would these committees stand up to the scrutiny of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), I wonder? Like many areas of the financial services industry, much lip service is paid to DEI, yet despite accepted benefits in […]

Maximize Employee Financial Wellness, Tailoring it Individually

– First Published on Nasdaq – How many of your employees are on sick leave as a result of financial stress? Is there a responsibility for employers to know this? And if they had this insight, what could and should they do about it? You see, there is growing research to support this trend: Bank of America’s 2020 Workplace […]