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Are You Dehumanizing Advisor-Client Relationships?

– First Published on Nasdaq – The phrase Artificial Intelligence (AI) was likely first used by computer pioneer John McCarthy in 1956 at a Dartmouth College conference. And the concept of AI was even on the minds of classical philosophers as they delved into human thought processes. Today we usually think of AI as computer systems mimicking human behaviors. […]

Does My Advisor Understand His Own Bias (Digitally)?

– First Published on Nasdaq – I recently had an interesting conversation with an investor who had attended a behavioral finance webinar. He shared that his advisor’s level of communication had improved dramatically – from being less tolerant and on occasions showing bias – to having a meaningful conversations about life-goals and how to tolerate sudden market […]

A Healthy Marriage: Human Advisor Plus AI for Your Tech Stack

– First Published on Nasdaq – Human interaction deprivation really is a thing. Never before have people all over the world been subjected to various forms of isolation, including lack of human interaction or touch. As the months of the global pandemic drag on, I’ve been thinking about that and about what life will look like after this […]

Behavioral Insights Can Drive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Financial Orgs

– First Published on Nasdaq – Increasingly we’re hearing the phrase “authentic diversity, equity and inclusion” bandied about. By what does it mean in practice? Let’s start with the two facets most people know best: Diversity means that we recognize and respect variety – everyone’s unique qualities, behaviors and attributes. Inclusion means that all individuals are not just included, […]

Don’t Reinvent Tech; Add Behavioral Power

– First Published on Nasdaq – People are complicated. Some tell you their life story in the first few minutes. Others take time – and deep questioning – to reveal even the smallest details. Financial advisors know that, around the emotional subject of money, gaining insight into clients’ financial personality is hard. But it doesn’t need to […]