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600 People Picket Your Business…Learn How to Win! | Jeremy Porter CEO of AMP | Episode #45

Jeremy Porter is the leading protagonist in Atlanta Motorsports Park’s incredible story. A business pioneer with a loathing for the word ‘no’, Jeremy’s vision of building a ground-breaking, eco-sustainable track featuring some of the most exciting elevation changes in the world first took shape in early 2008. Just three years later, when the park opened its doors in[...]

The Psychology of Gratitude | Episode #44

  Give thanks and gratitude everyday.  If You Are Ungrateful, Nothing Will Ever Be Enough.   Thank you once again for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor Conklin      Twitter: @ThorConklin    Website: http://www.thorconklin.com  [...]

What to Do When Your Business Goes from Highly Profitable to ZERO Overnight? | Stephen Christopher | Part 2 | Episode #43

Stephen Christopher is the founder of Seequs Digital Marketing, a web marketing firm designed to help business owners achieve results they never thought possible.  Before starting Seequs, Stephen started and ran several other award winning businesses.  One of which was a mortgage company from 2004 – 2008.  With the crash of the mortgage industry in 2008, he learned what its[...]

Q&A – How Do You Determine What to Say Yes to? | Episode #42

We answer your questions – Determining what to say yes to will greatly affect the quality of your life.  Learn to say NO!     Episode_42_QA_June_19_2016 Thor:    The question of the day is… FS:    This question of the day comes in from Diane from Ann Arbor, and Diane writes she’s heard you talk[...]

Are You Always Distracted? |Execution Killer #3 | Eliminate Distractions | Episode #41

  Distractions will kill your productivity and your ability to execute.  Find out what they are and eliminate them!   Thank you once again for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor Conklin      Twitter: @ThorConklin   [...]

How Can 60 Seconds Change My Life? | Part 1 | Stephen Christopher | Episode #40

Interesting facts: I started my first business when I was 14 – a mobile car detailing business, but since I wasn’t old enough to drive, I had to convince people to drive their cars to my house I used to hate spicy food, now I cant find hot enough food at restaurants When I was a kid, my[...]