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Nike Got It Wrong – Don’t Just Do It | Episode #18

Only do those things that MUST be done and move you closer to your goals.  If you just do it, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and energy doing things that are not necessary.    Thank once again you for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor[...]

Execution Killer #1 | No Accountability | Episode #17

  Accountability is a key component of execution.  Why I started getting fat again when their was no accountability.   Who is keeping you accountable?         Thank you once again for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor[...]

Doing 1 Thing 10,000 Times | Alex Changho | Episode #16

Do you lack discipline, great habits, rituals that support you?  If so, this episode is for you.  It might be because you have not fallen in love with the idea of doing something over and over again until you become a master.  Grow, expansion, getting better at something, master doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s like a muscle…..you grow it over[...]

Apple Does It – So You Should Too | Episode #15

 When is the last time you updated your operating system?  If its been more than 12 months, It’s been too long.  Apple has updated their operating system 9.0 a total of 9 times in the last 18 months.    Thank once again you for listening   Please follow us on:  [...]

Winning On and Off the Field with NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton | Part 2 | Episode #14

Fran Tarkenton is a serial entrepreneur and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, and the founder of Tarkenton Companies. During his NFL career, Tarkenton set every major record for quarterbacks: wins, completions, pass attempts, touchdowns, passing yards, and rushing yards. He led the Minnesota Vikings to three Super Bowl appearances and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1986.[...]

Q&A – Slaying the Self-Doubt Dragon | Episode #13

Can you overcome self-doubt or do you learn to live with it?  For some, overcoming may be possible, for the rest of us, we’re learning how to survive our bouts with the self doubt dragon.  Also hear how I messed up big time with my girl.     Thank you for listening   [...]