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Who’s In Your Boat? | Episode #33

  Every business, relationship and group has Rowers, Passengers and sometimes Anchors.  Which one are you?   Thank you once again for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor Conklin      Twitter: @ThorConklin    Website: http://www.thorconklin.com [...]

How Could Saying No Change Your Life? | Loren Slocum Lahav | Part 1 | Episode #32

Loren Slocum is a sought-after expert with over 30 years of experience in the personal development and life-coaching industry. Her work with the Anthony Robbins Company has taken her to dozens of countries where she’s been fortunate enough to share her teachings, coaching and leadership skills as the International Volunteer Crew Director and first-ever facilitator of Life[...]

Secrets to Getting Outstanding Results | Arman Sadeghi | Episode #31

  Arman Sadeghi is the creator of the Titanium Success Method, which has helped thousands of people reach peak performance. His interest in personal development stemmed from his own experiences as a young adult. Arman was perplexed by the fact that many individuals attained massive success quickly, as he had, but lacked happiness and fulfillment as well as those[...]

How Do You Create An Incredible Intimate Relationship? | Dave Elliott | Episode #30

How To Create A Legendary Love For Life When it comes to relationship transformation, my guest, Dave Elliott is a noted expert, author, international speaker and an accomplished coach who gets results for his clients all over the world. He’s especially gifted at teaching smart, amazing women how to bring out the very best in men – rather than suffering through their[...]

How Do You Get It All Done, Stay In Shape & Be A Great Mom | Jen Dean | Episode #29

Secrets to staying fit as a new mom.    Jen Dean is a former commercial real estate agent who ditched the corporate world to pursue her true calling in fitness & is the owner of Fit Lovin Mama. She’s a Personal Trainer with Prenatal & Postpartum focus, Wellness Coach, Fitness Model, Yogi, Writer, & a[...]

The Reason You CAN’T Is Because You WON’T | Episode #28

We answer your questions -  The reason you might not be making any progress is because your brain has stopped working.  Why? Listen to find out.   Thank you once again for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor Conklin      [...]