How to Motivate and Inspire Yourself, Your Customers and Your Team in 2014

Crafting a vision for future success can be motivating, inspiring and can lead you to action

Do You Really Know What Lies Beneath the Surface of Your Clients?

How can you customize your client experience when you may not even know who your client really is? Attracting new clients is all about the ability for you to quickly build trust. This involves understanding your clients personality.

Customer Engagement Planning with your Head in the Cloud

As the year ends and plans are in place for 2013 many companies will have focused heavily on where social media fits in their business and more importantly produced endless statistics to support reasons to invest in more social media stuff (or not).

Your DNA Just Got More Personal

The most recent product release for the development team is our new DNA Talent Report and customizer. This new feature provides our users ultimate flexibility in the application of DNA Reports, regardless of the application.

Engaging Customers to Inform Growth Strategies

There is endless chatter around engaging customers; understanding the consumers headspace; understanding their buying behaviour and how to shift focus to engage this customer to improve the bottom line.

Why Customers Don’t Complete Your Survey

Trying to get to know your customers better? So are most companies. But their approach differs dramatically.

Social Networking ? the new Cornerstone of Business in the 21st Century and beyond

Social Networking is here to stay; its becoming the cornerstone of the way we do business in the 21st Century and beyond.

Know Who Your Customers Are When They Call

Does your call center, service center and reception know who the customers are when they call in? To be really effective the intelligence stored in the CRM must be connected to all company systems that are involved in serving the customer.

Why Retailers Want to Read Your Mind

A recent USA Today article detailed the mix of initiatives that retailers are testing in order to target you with products and promotions that are likely to resonate with you. Why do retailers want to read your mind? Because they understand that if they enhance a customers overall experience in their store, their customers will spend more time and money.