Mimicking Customer Communication Style Increases Sales 17%

Can having a similar communication style to your prospect increase your chances to convert them to a client? According to a recent study in Harvard Business Review, sales increased 17%…

Managing Perceptions to Build Relationships

Managing Perceptions to Build Relationships

When it comes to building meaningful and successful relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and clients, effective communication is foundational. The quality of your relationship with any person has a direct impact on the quality of decisions that get made. When the communication is poor, people start making decisions around each other because the trust […]

The Rules of Engagement

Everyone is talking about client engagement, but what are firms actually doing about it? Client engagement is not just about good feelings; it has emerged as the #1 driving factor in revenue growth.

It Really is All About ME

I like transactions that are easy, effortless and fun. But how would a call center employee know that about me if they havent had frequent interactions with me? And furthermore, what difference does it make?

The Influence of Natural Behavior on Client Relationships

Natural DNA Behavior predicts how people wish to be communicated with, the type of service experience they desire and generally how they will respond to life and financial events.

Financial Performance in the New Behavioral Economy White Paper

The winds of change are moving fast through the modern economy, and this includes the financial services industry. What we are seeing is the emergence of the New Behavioral Economy – where the client is king and behavioral finance is in. This means the approach to providing financial services will become client centered and will […]

Using Communication DNA For Lead Generation

Do you ever find yourself thinking about how to generate leads from your lead generation activities? Although most advisors generate the bulk of their new leads from client referral, they usually have other business development programs to enhance the growth rate of their business.? These lead generation activities range from the more traditional methods, such […]

Behavioral Segmentation of Your Clients

Traditionally many advisors segment their clients based on tangible factors such as the type of service they will provide to clients (eg executives, family business, life planning etc) and assets under management minimums. There is business sense in this as it focuses the business to some degree. However, segmenting your clients based on their DNA […]