Bridge the Relationship Gap to Engage Clients

More and more evidence is emerging suggesting Gen D (digital generation) represent an interesting developing market for financial services firms. Gen D are attracted by social media, they expect it to be evidenced in all areas of their life. Importantly they will look for this approach from their advisors who in turn must understand the importance of building trust with Gen D through the use of social media.

Interestingly, Gen D is not necessarily age related rather media savvy related. Good communication today doesnt involve changing the what of the message, but the how. Clients who fall into the Gen D bracket want to know you are on social media. Thats where they will look for you. Thats where building trust begins and where the voice of the customer is becoming the loudest. It falls to advisors to understand the importance not only of social media but how best to engage with a wide age range of potential clients through gaining behavioral awareness.

Having recently read an interesting article from Accenture following a survey they conducted into how Gen D investors approach wealth management its clear that the financial industry must change their approach to the use of social media if they are to attract, build trust with and maintain long term relationships with Gen D.? Click here to read the full article from Accenture.

Visit the Financial DNA website to learn more about building trust with clients and bridge the relationship gap.

Carol Pocklington

Carol Pocklington

Carol Pocklington - Chief Insights Accelerator

Carol is a Human Performance Accelerator. She has worked with Hugh Massie since 2001 since the Financial DNA understanding concept was conceived. She works with people and businesses worldwide. Her real-world application of behavioural insights, gives her the capability to serve as a business strategist, coach, mentor, and trainer. She is also a prolific blogger, a public speaker and author, specializing in human behavioural insights.

Carol's DNA Natural Behavior Style is - Facilitator

Carol is a Facilitator. Facilitators are persistent, goal-oriented people who promote team effort in order to complete tasks. Facilitators lead by setting examples and by achieving goals. Their strong work ethic encourages others to excel and they have an excellent ability to deal calmly yet firmly with people using a facilitative style.

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