Career Profile Tool Helps Prepare Vets for Civilian Employment

Our DNA Behavior team came to know Joe Corsino, founder of The Welcome Home Group, and the groups Career Readiness Program, and saw a role within it for our DNA Behavior Career Profile. As a U.S. Air Force veteran – and someone who is passionate about our DNA solutions – I am proud that the profile tool is now one component of TWHGs work. It was an easy decision for us to provide this to Joe and his team at no cost.

As you might imagine, the Career Profile helps people determine their career path based on their Natural Talents by identifying things such as desired tasks, team roles, work environments, and work rewards. Essentially a 10-minute questionnaire, the Profile helps both TWHG clients and their career coaches better understand a client’s desired career path or work role and/or where they see themselves in their careers.

Founded in 2012 by Joe, The Welcome Home Group offers preparation and execution of that preparation for veterans and veteran spouses as they transition to civilian employment. The all-volunteer organization accomplishes its mission by partnering with other organizations across the country.

“Were focused on a common-sense approach for the veterans and families we serve, so it makes sense to use a career profile instrument that gives job seekers and the people who are helping them objective data that fuels the process, giving them another edge toward career transition success,” says Joe, who founded TWHG after 2 years of research on veteran unemployment. “In fact, we use the same profile instrument with our volunteers, and it helps us build strong teams within the organization, which, again, makes us better at helping our clients.”

The Fort Lauderdale-based national non-profit is committed to reducing the unemployment crisis that exists for veterans and their families. It has been primarily self-funded since 2012, accepting donations and a few small private grants.

Joe notes that DNA (Behavior) has done so much for us. Not only is it incorporated as part of our program, but they are truly corporate partners. They and their career profile have been a good example of you get what you give, which is a core philosophy for us and the people we serve.

We were excited to hear the experience of a veteran who has been through The Welcome Home Groups program; you may find it interesting too.

Florida-based Cali Davis was no stranger to career changes. She had a career as an operations manager until the economy took a nosedive in 2008. She was the last in the door at her employer so, yep, when layoffs began, she was one of the first to go.

I looked around and found a job as a linguist and didn’t realize until I met up with the recruiter at the interview that this job was for a linguist in the military, Cali says. She had a couple of job choices, and of course training to go through, and ultimately selected the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) of Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Army.

After deploying to Afghanistan for two tours, she had an opportunity to be honorably discharged from the service at the end of 2012. Thinking the timing might be right to re-enter the civilian workforce, she took the chance.

I worked as a contractor in the capacity of an intelligence analyst in Afghanistan, she says, and quickly received a promotion to management. But when it was time to come stateside again, Cali had a tougher time finding employment. At one point it was suggested that she dumb down her resume, for instance, eliminating her MBA degree and experience and take an entry-level job. She persisted.

Someone told me about programs through the V.A. (Veterans Administration) in Broward County, Cali says. I had accessed V.A. programs before, but this time it was different. That’s when I heard about The Welcome Home Group.

She says she was skeptical because she had been through different programs before but went. What I heard that time was the perspective of someone who truly understood (me), she says. It was a different type of program, a program where they didn’t just create a new resume or send me to a class then turn me loose. I had to commit to a 30-day program and they were going through it with me.

That was the beginning of a new foothold in the civilian workforce for Cali, who had been through a few jobs since her contractor experience. She finished TWHGs program about which she is very enthusiastic and it took some time, but she connected with the founder of a small business who is now her boss.

She is now a Human Resources Business Partner for Working Gears, LLC, a human resources consulting firm that provides counsel to small, and mid-sized organizations. Not surprisingly, Cali also is now a strong proponent of both THWG and of working with and giving other veterans a leg up whenever possible. She hopes that more Veterans would take advantage of this program because it truly helped set her up for success.

This job and company and what we do are exactly what I wanted, Cali says, sounding very much like someone who is not only on the journey she couldn’t have envisioned before, but one she helped create.

Our insights have solved communication, goal-setting and investing challenges in over 123 countries through 11 languages and 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes, but none are more important than helping veterans like Cali succeed in post-military careers. To Cali and The Welcome Home Group, I say Hooah! Thanks for letting us tell your story.

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Leon Morales

Leon Morales

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Leon Morales is a builder of successful people driven organizations. With a deep conviction that organizational success is only achieved when leadership really understands each employee, Leon is certified in the DNA Behavior. Method and Birkman Method of personality assessment and has crafted his professional career around high-impact consultative roles. These include serving as Business Development Principal and Leadership Practice Principal for Innovar Collective, LLC and in various corporate leadership roles during his 17-year tenure with Cox Communications.

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