Top 10 DNA Behavior Guides for 2020

Whether to help our financial advisors or our business coaches, consultants, and trainers, we at DNA Behavior have dedicated the year 2020 to provide an unlimited amount of resources and behavioral insights. Our weekly Guides, in particular, have known a tremendous success and today we are sharing with you our Top 10 DNA Behavior Guides for 2020.

#1 Goals-Based Planning Guide

Clients and advisors collaborating to build a goals-based, behaviorally focused plan is the new norm. But how to get there? Download our Goals-Based Planning Guide to understand how to map out deeper client conversations that unearth client financial goals and life plans.

#2 2020 Behavioral Finance Guide (RIA)

In today’s day and age, it is undeniable that Behavioral Finance is key to predicting investors’ patterns and help them invest smarter. While most financial advisors are interested in using Behavioral Finance tools, they have not yet found the right resources to provide them with the capabilities they are seeking. Until today! Download our 2020 Behavioral Finance Guide for RIAs and learn how to leverage our expertise and gain a substantial competitive advantage.

#3 The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Extroverts

Extroverts feel empowered by being around other people. They prefer working in groups where the conversation flows and is stimulating. It’s important for extroverts to understand how and in what circumstances to dial down their behavior. Download The Ultimate Guide to Coaching Extroverts and see how leaders, coaches and mentors can help clients & team members thrive while leveraging their strengths.

#4 Unlocking Sales Team Behavior

When was the last time you reviewed your organization’s sales approach strategy? If you are unable to answer this question, this guide is for you! People’s approach to buying is changing. Today, your clients are much more informed and they expect to have a conversation with a knowledgeable person who can either confirm their need for your product or persuade them of it. Download our guide, and learn how to leverage your salespeople’s communication styles and level up your sales approach.

#5 The Guide for Managing Back-Seat-Driver Clients

Is your client overriding most of your conversation time? Constantly interrupting you as you deliver your advice? Always needing to have the “last word”? Well, you are faced with what we call a back-seat-driver client. Though the challenge of managing such clients is quite common amongst financial advisors, the smart thing to do here is to invest in understanding your clients’ behaviors to better communicate with them. To learn more, download our guide.

#6 Loving Our Differences

In business & your personal life, building relationships with people whose innate behavior is different than yours is crucial to achieving success. Just in time for Valentine’s Day – but valuable any time of year – download the Loving Our Differences Guide to build lasting business and personal relationships.

#7 How to Coach Team Members to Achieve Great Success

Knowing how to use the talents and behaviors of individuals to uniquely grow each person and consequently the team requires an investment, not just in leadership time. An investment also must be made in a scientifically validated talent discovery process. Download How to Coach Team Members to Achieve Great Success and see how leaders, coaches & mentors can ensure individuals, teams and organizations thrive by leveraging their strengths.

#8 Developing Rising Leaders, An E-book Guide

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.” -John Maxwell. Download our guide, and learn how to develop rising leaders in your organization.

#9 The Money Is Moving. Are You Prepared

When it comes to wealth transfer, there is no doubt that financial advisors who have had an in-depth relationship with the entire family will be best placed to retain the family business, when the money moves. The question is, are you prepared? Download our guide to learn more.

#10 How to Balance Quality of Life and Financial Goals

A quality life can be defined as “Successfully integrating finances into a balanced life, and in so doing having the courage to live your unique design, in harmony and without regret.” All financial advisors need to abide by this rule to ensure a healthy life balance for their clients. Download our guide to learn more.

Why Should You Invest in Continuous Learning?

As we celebrate National Online Learning Day, we recognize the advantage and vast potential of online learning and continuous learning in general. In the wake of COVID-19 and the WFH era, those of us who’ve been working from home these past months have the ability to use the additional time they’ve been given at home to invest in continuous learning. Whether you pick up a course online, listen to an educational podcast, catch up on your book reading or attend online webinars, learning new skills and polishing old ones can only happen if you commit to investing in yourself.

Benefits of Continuous Learning

Regardless of your career stage, your future aspirations, or your education level, continuous learning is essential to every individual. Whether you seek it on your own or through your organization, it is necessary for you to foster a motivated persistence to learn and acquire new skills that can expand your future opportunities. Personal and professional development might seem different at times, but neither of them can be furthered without continuous learning.
The many benefits of persistently seeking new knowledge range from career advancement to financial attribution, creativity, confidence, team management skills, and many more. The question you should be asking yourself is not “How does continuous learning benefit me?”, but “How can I ensure being consistent at it?” because those benefits are undeniable.

Where to Seek Continuous Learning 

There are many resources available to you to seek continuous learning. Obviously, the most convenient ones are online, and the good thing is, there are many online resources available to you that are convenient, accurate, relevant, and some of them at low or no cost at all. The key here is to diversify your learning resources in order to get the best out of the learning process. Finding resources for your continuous learning quest depends on the subject matter or the skills you would like to acquire. Online publications, e-books, podcasts, and webinars are a good place to start. Other things to take into consideration are your learning style, how much time you are willing to dedicate to your learning process, and whether or not you have a particular goal in mind. The key here is to find the right pace that serves you and ensure the longevity of your continuous learning quest.

Continuous Learning in Organizations 

As an organization, fostering a culture that promotes continuous learning has a huge impact on your employees. Providing your teams with numerous training and learning opportunities throughout the year provides them with a sense of trust and empowerment. They will feel extremely valued by their organization and inspire them to produce the highest quality work they possibly can. However, bear in mind that it all starts with the leaders. Unless your team whiteness your full engagement and support to creating a perpetual learning atmosphere, they will not be as engaged in it as you would want them to be. You need to commit to creating a learning plan for your team, as well as providing them with the resources and time needed for their training. It has been proven many times over that continuous learning in an organization leads to increased productivity, increase engagement, and impact the company’s performance and profit. Do not see it as a cost for your organization, consider it as an investment that you will surely get a return on.

Continuous Learning with DNA Behavior

Here at DNA Behavior, we fervently believe in the importance of continuous learning and have committed to hosting weekly webinars to educate our audience on the importance of implementing behavioral insights in the management of their teams and businesses. Join us for our webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16 at 3 PM ET as we will be announcing the launch of our new Consultant Packages starting at $99/mo only. Whether you are seeking to launch your consulting business or solidify your professional expertise using DNA Behavior’s unlimited resources, register today to save your spot.

Best Practices for Conducting Virtual Interviews

In the wake of COVID-19, many companies around the world have shifted their hiring process. While virtual interviews used to be a preliminary step to sort through the numerous candidates you might have for a position, in order to move on to the next step which is an in-person meeting, today, everything that has to do with acquiring talents for your company has moved to be remote and virtual. Your responsibility as a hiring manager is to set up a solid process that serves you and your potential candidates. It is not only a matter of identifying the right fit for your company but more importantly having a perfect understanding of their personalities, behaviors, and communication styles.

To help you develop a reliable and sustainable process, here are our top recommendations for conducting successful virtual interviews.

Preparation Is Key

The key to conducting successful virtual interviews is preparation. You need to familiarize yourself with the position you are hiring for, its requirements but more importantly, the key characteristics and personality traits that this position needs. As the interviewer, you are to not only judge the candidate’s skills and ability to do the job, but also assess their personality, and how well they will fit within your organization. Are you looking to fill a leadership position or a support one? Should the right fit for this job be a born leader and initiator, or a detailed reflective thinker?
Unless you understand your own behavior, your candidate’s behavior, and that of the manager they will be reporting to, your interview process will be lacking pertinence and effectiveness.

Define Your Interview Strategy

We all know how bad it looks when a candidate comes to an interview completely unprepared. It sends the wrong message, gives a bad first impression, and seriously diminishes their chances of getting the job. However, did you know that it also works the other way around? An interviewer who is unprepared and lacks a clear strategy can miss an opportunity to make a positive first impression and have their lack of preparedness reflect on the company’s image as a whole.
Define your strategy. Define the inherent behaviors you are looking for in a candidate as well as their skills. Prepare your questions accordingly and make sure that by the end of the interview session, you have a perfect understanding of their capabilities and behaviors. Or else, how would you be able to assess whether or not they’re right for the job?

Discuss Your Company Culture and Values 

To this day, many interviewers still miss the opportunity to talk about their company culture and values during the first interview. The truth of the matter is, an organization is an eco-system that functions in perfect harmony thanks to its components, AKA, employees. Even if you find a potential candidate with the right skills and experience, if their culture and values do not align with those of your company, your partnership with them is bound to fail. An effective way for you to assess their alignment with your company culture and values is to understand their behavior and DNA style.

Develop Your Rating System

When conducting virtual interviews, one thing you might notice is how fast the process will go compared to in-person interviews. Shifting everything to a virtual format saves a lot of time and enables you to have multiple candidates to consider pretty quickly. When that happened, your responsibility is to develop a standardized rating system by which you assess your options for the position. When developing your rating system make sure that you take into consideration not only the qualifications of your candidates but also their character traits and behaviors. An easy and accurate way for you to run a team report and project how well certain personalities will fit within your team is our DNA Behavior tool.

Provide Information on the Next Steps

As a final step and good practice for conducting your virtual interview, make sure to inform your candidates of the next step and what they can expect going forward. Whether you intend to make a decision on the spot or have built a multiple steps interview process, communication is key.

How Similar Are Our Behavioral Styles to Our Dogs’?

According to a research conducted at Michigan State University, dogs tend to take on the same personality traits and behavioral tendencies as their owners. The study also revealed that dogs are just like humans in terms of cognitive development and that their personalities are shaped over time.
These shifts in personality traits can even predict future behaviors that may surface in our dogs. While it is true that age, breed, and gender play a huge role in the shaping of their personalities and behavioral tendencies, the influence that we dog owners have plays a major role.

Here at DNA Behavior, we take it to heart to involve our 4 legged friends in everything we do and make them feel loved and appreciated, especially during these unprecedented times where we have been working mostly from home spending more time with our dogs than ever before.

While some may already worry about the potential separation anxiety the end of the WFH era might induce to our dogs, we at DNA Behavior decided to look a little bit more into it and see if we can uncover similarities between our very own DNA styles and our dogs’. After all, how ideal would it be to be able to understand your dog’s personality, interpret their behavior, and even predict how they may react to certain things.

Meet Our Paw-tastic Team

Gracie is a 6 months-year-old female Bernedoodle, which is a cross of a Poodle and Bernese mountain dog. She is a very outgoing and friendly dog who craves attention but goes with the flow at the very same time. She is extremely entertaining and would be fantastic at networking during conferences and various events. In general, Bernedoodles tend to be highly intelligent, hardworking, very loyal, and just a bit goofy. Based on our expertise, Gracie’s DNA Style is Engager, which fits the description perfectly!

Gracie is a member of Hugh Massie’s family, who is our CEO and Behavioral Strategist. Hugh is an Initiator. Initiators are strong-minded, decisive, and goal-driven individuals who are typically fast-paced and rational. Some personality traits that Hugh and Gracie have in common are that they are both optimistic and dynamic in their way of doing things. As Gracie grows older and her personality unravels, we are eager to see how much of Hugh’s DNA Style characteristics might influence her own!

Skylar is a female Shiba Inu with an eagerness to learn and an undeniable sense of style. She can be extroverted as dogs can be but also needs her alone time to charge. Her unique personality shows especially when she meets other dogs. While she enjoys it a great deal, she would ignore them and move on if they do not engage back. She is an undeniable leader, not a follower, and perfectly capable of entertaining herself if she needs exercise.   

By nature, Shiba Inu dogs are known to be independent, energetic, and exceptionally smart, and based on our expertise, Skylar’s DNA Style is Stylish Thinker.

Skylar is a member of Ryan Scott’s family, who is our CTO, Digital Experience Innovator. Ryan is a Reflective Thinker. He is a serious, focused, and analytical individual who values accuracy and precision in everything he does. The similarities between Ryan and Skylar’s unique styles are that they’re both creative and innovative. However, Ryan’s rational and thought-out approach does enable him to navigate Skylar’s strong personality without any issues. (Did somebody say stubborn?)  

Ari is a 10-year-old male English Setter. He is a very friendly, patient, and playful dog, but very sensitive and feelings oriented. While he likes interacting with his surroundings, he appreciates his own quiet time. English Setters are known to be some of the most friendly and gentle dogs. They are extremely loyal and crave affection. Based on our expertise, Ari’s DNA Style is Relationship Builder, which couldn’t be more accurate. He welcomes interactions with other people and other dogs, but is independent enough that he does not need to be constantly entertained. While Ari and Gracie are both part of Hugh’s family, they couldn’t be more different, and so are their interactions with Hugh who is an Initiator. We would go to the extent of saying that they are polar opposites, but we sure are eager to see how Ari’s personality traits develop over time.

For all our dog lovers out there, remember, dogs are complex creatures that share a unique bond with their owners. Understanding their behavioral traits starts by understanding your own.

To learn more about DNA Behavior and how our insights can help you capitalize on your strengths and manage your struggles, start our free trial. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

Meet Kenyatta Turner, The Behavioral SuperPower Diva

Kenyatta Turner is a successful Behavioral SuperPower Coach, Business Consultant, and Motivational Educator to name a few. She is one of the most enthusiastic and engaging behavioral professionals you will ever meet. With more than 25 years of academic experience, Kenyatta is a creative, yet analytical thinker with an unshakeable commitment to helping those around her to flourish throughout their personal, professional, and educational paths.
Today we are shedding the light on the journey of this Behavioral SuperPower Diva who’s been helping others build their empires through uncovering their behavioral talents.

Unexpected Midlife Review

After a 20 year-long academic career where she held various leadership roles at a few different colleges (Director of Admissions, Assistant Director of Career and Student Services, as well as Professor), at the age of 39, Kenyatta found herself faced with what she calls a midlife review. Despite a successful career and the huge impact her work had on many students, she found herself wondering if she was truly happy and fulfilled with where her career had led her.
She realized that while her job offered her security and monetary attributions, what she craved and longed for the most, was fulfillment, time, and freedom. That became the most important thing to her.
She then made the life-changing decision to shift her career towards what mattered to her most: helping people and inspiring them to pursue their true calling in life, but this time, she would do it on her own terms.

True Calling

That is how Freedom Empire Consulting was born. Today Kenyatta teaches personal development classes that helps people uncover their Behavioral SuperPowers and build a life they can feel happy and fulfilled in. She is also DreamSmart Academy’s Chief Behavioral SuperPower Consultant and has been coaching and mentoring individuals around the country for 6 years now. She helps clients build and shield their freedom empires through coaching, influencing, and protecting with LegalShield.

Although it was somewhat of a tumultuous path to get on, Kenyatta stood her ground, pursued her dream, and let her passion for helping people drive her motivation.

Leveraging The Power of Behavioral Insights

Kenyatta’s method consists of helping her students uncover their Behavioral SuperPowers and leverage their behavioral strengths to build a fulfilling life and career. For instance, Kenyatta’s superpower is “Outgoing, Fast-Paced Influencer”. She is an extremely creative individual who leverages her behavioral strength to serve, mentor, and empower those around her.
She was initially introduced to behavioral science at the very beginning of her journey and partnered with DNA Behavior to learn more about behavioral insights, and quickly became one of our most acclaimed accredited consultants. She was (and still is) amazed by the power of behavioral science and how it completely transformed her work. As Kenyatta describes it herself “If I had had this, if I had known, how different would my life be!”
“I use behavioral superpowers in my classes, mentorships, masterminds, and pretty much all aspects of my life.” She continues, “ Everything starts with the behavioral superpowers because without that, we don’t know who we are dealing with. But with that, I can help and coach people to uncover their superpower”

The Ultimate DNA Behavior Ambassador

As an accredited Business DNA Consultant, Kenyatta took a deep dive into our program and was absolutely amazed by the added value it had on her work as well as personal life.
As an Influencer in her DNA Style, she naturally connects with people and demonstrates a sincere passion to help people find out who they are and how to reach their goals. Through her training with DNA Behavior, she was able to frame her work more efficiently and uncover any challenges she or her students might face through their journey and how to address them according to their respective behavioral styles.
As she looks back at her journey, Kenyatta admits that being introduced to behavioral science and working with DNA Behavior was truly a pivotal moment in her career.
That is why we consider Kenyatta Turner to be the Ultimate DNA Behavior Ambassador and are thrilled to share her “Fantastic Voyage”.

If you are interested in Kenyatta’s training with DNA Behavior and would like to become an accredited consultant, schedule your first consultation with our team today and take advantage of our 14-day free trial.

5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Business Referrals

Would your clients recommend you to a friend? 
This seems to be a quite easy and straight forward question. After all, any business owner can name at least one satisfied client that would be more than willing to vouch for them and recommend them to a friend. Or so they think. 

You see, when it comes to managing your business, any leader knows the importance of client referrals. While implementing different marketing strategies provides you with great exposure to potential new leads, acquiring new business through referrals is one of the most effective ways to foster a highly engaged relationship with your clients. 

So if that is the case, why are your business referrals not reflecting the number of satisfied clients you have? 

Here are the 5 most effective ways to boost your business referrals: 

1/ Identify Your Team’s Behavioral Style

The importance of identifying your team members’ behavioral styles lies in understanding their ways of interacting with your clients at a much deeper level. If leaders do not have a good understanding of behavioral differences within their teams, they will not be able to facilitate and encourage their employees to create a meaningful rapport with clients that would deem the business reference worthy. 

Every time your team has an interaction with a client (whether it is an email exchange or a phone call), and no matter what the nature of the exchange is, you should always be able to answer the question: Would your clients recommend your business to a friend? 

On an even much deeper level, you need to ask yourself as a leader if you have provided your team with all the tools they need to provide tailored and satisfactory services to your clients. The way you lead your team makes all the difference, and would instantly reflect on your business referrals. The outgoing, engaging, and conversationalist type of employee will more likely reach out to you with any concerns or recommendations they have regarding the services provided and will offer input and advice on how to serve your clients better and generate more referrals.  On the other hand, a more reserved and quiet team member may not actively speak up and address any concerns they might have unless prompted to do so. 

As you can see, people are different. They all have their own unique behavioral styles and understanding it is the key to bridge the gap to managing these differences and boosting your business referrals on the same occasion. 

A very valuable tool you can use to behaviorally manage your team is our Business DNA Talent Management Solution. Start your free trial today and unleash the full potential of your unique team. 

2/ Anticipate Your team’s Needs

Now that organizations around the world are working from home, the key to managing your remote team successfully is to first understand their level of adaptability to change. Whether it is adapting to new technology or organizational structure, you should always be able to identify the members of your team who are the most adaptable and those who tend to be reticent to change. The most adaptable group of individuals has the potential to help you lead the change, innovate your process, and facilitate your team’s adaptability to new technology.  

When you obtain this level of understanding of your team, you can then anticipate any needs for change they might have and proactively address it. That way, they are less concerned about the changes occurring in the organization, and more focused on your clients’ needs. 

3/ Balance Traditional and Technology

You might think that empowering your organization with high tech fully remote services is a sign of evolution and growth for your business, but you would be surprised at how many of your team members might consider that introduction to technology as a negative disrupter. Getting the balance right between traditional and technology by understanding behavioral differences and managing them is where leadership success sits. Through behavioral insights, you can build a strong connection with your team and unravel those who explicitly want face-to-face interaction, and those who prefer a digital solution. 
Knowing how to manage these differences is the key to your success. 

Remember, when you increase your team’s engagement, it results in increasing their engagement with the clients, which will highly impact your referrals.  

4/ Build a Behaviorally Smart Retention Strategy

If your goal is not only to boost your client recommendations but potentially build a client referral-based business, you need to first and foremost look into your team’s level of engagement and what your employee retention strategy looks like. As we mentioned before, a highly engaged team results in a highly engaged client, which will impact positively on your business referrals. 

The key to building a behaviorally smart retention strategy is to look into your work rewards system. Beyond financial retribution, various rewards motivate your team and your responsibility as a leader is to understand their behaviors, identify those rewards, and implement them in your retention strategy. Whether it is career progression, sense of achievement, or personal growth, motivating your team through these non-financial rewards will increase their engagement and reflect on their rapport with your clients.  

Team development coaching programs can be quite valuable to help you increase your team engagement. The DNA Coach Network is a powerful and private coaching program that has helped thousands of leaders develop their team’s capabilities and achieve their goals.  

Schedule your first call today!

5/ Invest in Coaching Services

Building a sustainable client referral network can not only boost your business, but it also has the potential to propel you to the next level.
While it all seems pretty straight forward and easy to implement, at one point or the other, you will need the help and guidance of an expert. No one knows your own business and your clients more than you do, but when it comes to behavioral insights and how to implement them in your decision-making process, investing in business coaching services is the key. As a matter of fact, the DNA Coach Network is the most convenient, secure, and efficient way to improve your performance and reach your business goals. With full access to a network of coaches, mentors, and advisors you can expect support and partnership throughout the process, absolute confidentiality, and deeper insight into your leadership and behavioral style.
Schedule your first call today and let us take your business to the next level.