How Advisors Should Interact with Baby Boomers in the Pre-Retirement Phase

For so many years Baby Boomers have been excitedly planning their retirement; looking forward to trips around the world, being mortgage free and much more. How can advisors deliver difficult news, provide encouraging advice, and retain the clients?

Is it Time to Change the Sales Approach?

How does understanding customer behavioral style help businesses? 5 thoughts on increasing the power to sell.

Are Clients Innately Loyal?

You work so hard to get new clients but how do you ensure that you keep them?

The Cat’s Butler

As a financial planner, it strikes me that cats and clients have much in common. There are moments when we really enjoy their company and their conduct and then there are other moments that wed rather not talk about. Sometimes these incompatible moments arise as a result of mismatched objectives.

Who is Responsible for Customer Engagement and Are They Doing Their Job?

Enhanced customer relationships cannot remain the sole responsibility of Marketing. Some big questions to ask and answer as 2014 begins.

How to Motivate and Inspire Yourself, Your Customers and Your Team in 2014

Crafting a vision for future success can be motivating, inspiring and can lead you to action

The First Step to Become Behaviorally Smart

What is the first step in becoming behaviorally smart? Self- Awareness.

Why is this so important? Because it shapes three very critical components of the financial planning process.

Behaviorally Smart Advisors Are 40% More Productive

A behaviorally smart advisor is one who knows their behavior and can adapt to others. How does this make them more productive? Here are 3 ways that having increased behavioral awareness will help you to become more productive.

The ‘Prize in Knowing Your Clients Better Than They Know Themselves

My bank manager knows I am risk averse, time poor and reasonably IT savvy but transferring funds as described seemed to me a step too far. Not so as it transpired.