Dealing with Financial Planning Risk

The financial services industry around the world is changing fast with the significant challenges of turbulent markets, commoditization, suitability, regulation and advisor client trust being at the forefront.

To be successful in this new environment the financial advisor has to become more client centered and demonstrate a higher degree of competence.

The new normal of providing financial advisory services will now more than ever need to start with a highly robust process to knowing the clients financial behavior which enables a highly customized life long experience to be delivered. Further, to get buy in from the client the process will need to offer value for the client and be educational.Financial Risk, Risk Profiling, Client Portfolio, Investment Risks

Knowing the clients financial behavior is more than guessing or having a shallow understanding of their current investment risk appetite. It is only by understanding the client from the inside out and, in particular, the mismatch that arises between risk propensity and risk tolerance as well their attitudes to spending, trust and adherence to goals, can an advisor truly know his client.

Dealing With Financial Planning Risk White Paper

Our recently released white paper on Dealing with Financial Planning Risk provides research, insights and actionable solutions supporting an advisor going beyond a superficial understanding of their clients investment risk behavior to also knowing all of their investment, financial and relationship risk behaviors which directly and indirectly impact wealth creation.

The future is in the advisor becoming the behavioral guide of their client using cutting edge technology platforms to drive efficiencies in the provision of advice.

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