The Two Best Predictors of Team Productivity

Why do some teams get excellent results while others seem to struggle? In order to answer that question, most leaders will focus on analyzing the metrics such as sales, number of office visits, average call handling time, and number of issues resolved, to understand the performance gap.? While the numbers can provide the bottom line […]

Who is Responsible for Customer Engagement and Are They Doing Their Job?

Enhanced customer relationships cannot remain the sole responsibility of Marketing. Some big questions to ask and answer as 2014 begins.

How to Motivate and Inspire Yourself, Your Customers and Your Team in 2014

Crafting a vision for future success can be motivating, inspiring and can lead you to action

What Makes a Great Boss?

The ability of a leader to engage their team is a hot topic these days. The pressure of getting results can often make it difficult to do.

Developing Unrealized Potential in Your Staff

People long to be a part of something that is significant, and companies want highly performing teams that produce results. This combination is not so common. Is it really possible to attain such a lofty goal?

Are You a Behaviorally Smart Wholesaler?

Your job as a wholesaler requires you to have a multitude of skills. The challenge is that we cannot possibly be a 10 in all skills. Honestly assessing your strengths and struggles will help keep you on track for your own best success.

Using an Enterprise Behavioral Program to develop Operational Insights

People problems within multi-function corporate teams are often the result of a lack of Interpersonal Operational Insights based on behavioral assessments.

3 Keys to Get You Ahead of Your Competitors

Do you feel as though you are always running to catch up? Advisors want to deliver excellent advice, they want to see satisfied clients, and they work hard to inform themselves to be able to give this level of service. So what’s the solution?

Management Principle: Thinking and Staff Development

In today’s world we’re not really encouraged to think, and by that I mean to wrestle long and hard over issues that involve different mindsets, considering tradeoffs, and then arriving at specific well thought out conclusions.