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Financial DNA Client Dashboards and other new Features

2016 will be a year to remember for the entire DNA Behavior team. The enormous growth has been both exhilarating and humbling. The product and development teams, in particular, will remember this year for not only managing our platform growth, but for also designing, developing, and launching a vast set of new features.

A short list of our accomplishments includes an entirely new mobile platform, a standard API kit, connecting Communication DNA to Facebook, and a new Support Center. As exciting as all of the cool enhancements already delivered in 2016, they pale in comparison to what we have launched most recently. Below are the Q4 developments for Financial DNA.

Also, links to other enhancements included in this launch are located here for Communication DNA and here for Business DNA.

All new client dashboards:
We’ve added beautiful, engaging client dashboards to Financial DNA. The experiences are full of self-guided videos, engaging graphics and personalized insights to help investors understand their Financial DNA.

Financial-DNA_Client-Dashboard-1024x701 v2


New animated graphics:
To drive the data on this dashboard, we’ve launched a series of new animated graphics to show the 5 key drivers for an investor’s financial personality. We’ve also provided clients with simple, easy to understand, descriptions for each key driver. Below are the new graphics that appear in my account (for reference I am Reflective Thinker – generally cautious, a big saver, and budgets everything). Call me biased, but, this is spot on!

FDNA blog pic 2

Quality Life Planning- All new client dashboard:
We’ve also added a whole new web experience to the end of the Quality Life Planning process to deliver users their goals, faster. Also, from this screen, investors can also launch the Quality Life Planning Report for detailed insights.


Financial Personality – All new client dashboard:

With the Financial Personality dashboard, we’ve solved the age old question of Nature vs. Nurture. Now a fun, easy to understand game, clients can compare their Nature vs. Nurture risk scores (driven by their?natural and learned behavior results).



Quality Life Discovery – All new client dashboard:

Through the Quality Life Discovery process, we identify investor’s current strengths and struggles for integrating their life goals and finances. An entirely new web experience shows these results and brings these insights together. This new interface reveals the top 2 strengths and top 2 opportunities out of the 8 Quality Life categories: Life Purpose, Career, Finances, Health and Recreation, Community, Relationships, Confidence, and Wisdom.


Co-branding now available for Quality Life, Financial Personality, and the Behavioral IPS:
The co-branding options in the DNA Platform now allow you to put your logo on absolutely everything, we’ve made this possibly by expanding co-branding to the Quality Life, Financial Personality, and the Behavioral IPS Reports. In summary, you can now apply your logo to every web page, report, and email in the DNA Platform.


New Communication DNA client dashboard:
Communication DNA has received a major facelift in this release. Now, customers are greeted with the client dashboard below, as they complete their discovery process on their computer, phone, or tablet.


Communication DNA social sharing:
Communication DNA participants can now share their results on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and via Email.

Communication DNA: How do I communicate with others tool:
DNA Behavior has enhanced nearly 20 million relationships worldwide by educating individuals about their personality and empowering them with tools to adapt their style to meet the needs of others. In this release, we have launched a new game for users to see how they should shape their communication for others.

Faster Comparison, Group & Team Report Generation:
October upgrades included making the creation process for the Comparison, Group, and Team Reports easier. Now, we have enhanced the user experience even further to minimize your mouse clicks.

Create a Comparison Report
Create a Team Report
Create a Financial DNA Group Report

Faster client searching:
Behind the scenes changes now make searching for clients and loading customer pages 50% faster. Check it out here.

Support Center integration:
Our Help & Support Center received a face-lift and then integrated into the DNA Platform. Check it out here.

Automatic report descriptions on the client page:
The DNA Platform is packed full of insights and reports. To help you understand the options, we’ve added dynamic text on the report generation screen. Below is what this looks like on the screen. If you want to explore all of the reports, you can by clicking here.

FDNA blog pic 7

Brazilian Portuguese updates:
Both Business DNA and Financial DNA have new refined language for our Brazilian-based users, and we’ve made the general experience better than ever.

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott - CTO, Prod Dev & Integrations

As the CTO, Prod Dev & Integrations, Ryan designs, develops, and maintains all of the web-based DNA Behavior products and solutions in addition to providing support for clients.

He has a passion for creating and implementing efficient business processes and leveraging technology throughout our business.

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