Financial DNA Provides All-In-One Financial Personality Reporting to include Natural Risk Behavior

For the past 12 years we have been successfully helping financial advisors all over the world know the client using independently validated? Financial DNA assessment methodologies which discover the unique make-up of their complete financial personality. Our belief is that managing the complete financial personality of the client is key to building Financial Planning Performance.Market Performance and Natural Behavior

Now, we are very pleased to announce the release of our new condensed Financial DNA Natural Behavior Summary Report which includes a specific new section on Natural Behavior Investment Portfolio Parameters. The investment parameters are directly linked to the participants level of natural behavior risk propensity and risk tolerance which we directly measure through the Financial DNA Discovery Process. This new summarized reporting makes the Financial DNA reporting far quicker and easier for financial advisors and their clients to interpret and apply in making key financial and investment decisions.

Knowing the natural risk taking behavior is foundational because it is inherently stable over long periods of time and therefore predictable through different market events. The natural behavior will always instinctively reveal itself and take over when a person is under financial and emotional pressure. Therefore, strongly influencing decision-making.

Further, we believe that understanding a clients propensity to take risks can be higher or lower than their risk tolerance for living with the consequences of taking those risks. This is very important in understanding the clients decision-making patterns and communicating with them.

*Excerpt of Natural Risk Taking Behavior section from the Financial DNA Natural Behavior Summary Report

Our belief has always been that a financial advisors role includes serving as the clients behavioral guide. This means the client must be guided away from making tragic spur of the moment decisions when there is any market turbulence. Objectively knowing the clients natural risk taking behaviors will help advisors build investment portfolios that the client can more likely remain committed to for the long term.

The problem with many risk profiling instruments is that they measure current situational risk tolerance which will change with any market fluctuation. They are not reliable predictors of client behavior and can lead to flawed decision-making if overly relied upon. We have all experienced those clients who claim to be risk takers when times are good and then suddenly become very conservative when there is a market dip. 2008 is a recent memory.

Also, we recognize pricing for advisors is important. The price of each Financial DNA Natural Behavior Summary Report has been reduced to $50 per person, or an annual unlimited usage license can be purchased for $1100 per advisor. This represents tremendous value when you recognize that we provide an all in one multi-dimensional reporting of a persons financial personality in the following 5 core areas:

  1. Natural behavior strengths, struggles and communication keys for managing decision-making
  2. Quality Life Behavioral Attitudes for goal setting
  3. Financial Planning Insights for building the financial plan
  4. Natural Behavior Investment Portfolio Parameters based on risk propensity and risk tolerance
  5. Advisor-Client Matching for relationship building

Please click here to learn more about our Financial DNA Natural Behavior Summary Report.

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6 years 7 months ago
Hugh, My experience is client's living with the consequences of taking risk seems to be the key area the Advisors should focus. With this report it becomes a great help in building the Behavioral Investment Portfolio.