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Does Your Bank Truly Know What You Need?

A few weeks ago, Craig Moon who is a high net worth investor, received an unsolicited email from Renaissance Transactions Bank in New York requesting he invest in a new mutual fund investment opportunity. Apparently, the offer was being extended to all of the prospects and clients in the bank’s database who had previously filled […]

Financial Advisors- Behavioral Finance is not Psychobabble

Financial Advisors: Behavioral Finance is Not Psychobabble

It’s no good screaming at your clients if they make dumb decisions. As a financial advisor, you need to stay on top of things. What’s your strategy to manage clients during market shifts? Some clients tend to make some very strange decisions when it comes to how they react to market movement and managing their […]

Millennials and their Money- they are Savvier than you think.

Millennials and Their Money: They are Savvier Than You Think!

Companies are currently bending themselves out of shape in an effort to attract the 83.1 million Millennial [Source: 2015 U.S. Census Bureau] in the US to their offering or services. But what are they really doing to get to know Millennials as a group? The Financial Services Industry could do well to recognize that Millennials […]

My client is an idiot; or is my behavioral bias showing-

My Client Is an Idiot, or Is My Behavioral Bias Showing?

Sitting having coffee with my financial advisor friend she is venting about a client. Apparently he’s an idiot, won’t listen, does his own thing, is over confident and clearly doesn’t realize how unpredictable the financial markets are! Doesn’t he know what’s happening in Europe? As my friend takes a breath, I ask her if perhaps […]

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What is Financial Life Planning?

I am not trying to confuse clients with additional terminology of financial life planning. I know the public has more financial articles, blogs, internet pages, mailers, seminars, and total noise presented from or by financial planners, brokers, insurance professionals, pretend financial gurus, and other media noise that probably confuses clients on what financial services should […]


Don’t Let Behavioral Biases Cost You Money!

A key principle to remember is that each client reacts differently to the same market events. This is because they each have a unique mix of behavioral biases. This begs the question, how will you manage your different clients’ emotions as the market changes? In the financial planning process, some clients tend to make financial […]