Get Below the Surface When Going Remote

Get Below the Surface When Going Remote

(If you missed Your Intuitive Supplement for Online Business, it would be helpful for you to read that first.)

With increasing use of remote communications, during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, it is important for advisors to ensure regular client communications are reliable and effective, no matter the communication platform.

This is an added reason to get below the surface, using a validated behavioral insights tool to “check” your own communication and that of your client(s). It’s also an opportunity to introduce a proven point of difference into your advisory business.

Your unique selling proposition – one of your points of differentiation and added value: A behavioral finance technology that will allow you to know your client quickly at a deep level and give you an immediate supplement to your intuition.

Have every client complete the Financial DNA Natural Behavior Discovery process online. In just 10 minutes, you will have their financial personality at your fingertips.

This will reveal a range of important factors that will help you deliver quality – in person or remotely, at times of crisis, like the current isolation, or not.

The depth of insight you/your client will get

  1. How the client wishes to be communicated with. Know in advance how best to manage your communication style to theirs. In these troubled times and beyond, this customized communication approach is vital. Example: If you are a confident speaker, you may find your client’s communication style requires you to dial down your confidence, which might seem aggressive to them.
  2. How likely the client is to panic and want to shift financial life goals and sell at the wrong moment. From their financial personality, you will see whether this approach of panic and flight is momentary or inherent. In either case, you can mediate and keep the client on track and focused on life planning goals.
  3. You will see in-depth how best to behaviorally manage your client’s emotions. Money is a huge source of emotional energy. Add market volatility and a major global pandemic scare. This is a recipe for panic and poor decision making. With behavioral insights in hand, you have a depth of insight to manage and advise in this climate. (Not to mention knowing and understanding your own reaction to the current climate.)
  4. Moving from financial advisor to financial counsellor or coach. These uncertain times require advisors to lay down their “sales pitch” and become counsellors, confidents and wealth mentors. Financial DNA reveals such a depth of behavior you can quickly assess how to advise and manage clients based on their very individual characteristics. (Based both on your own and their insights.)
  5. Getting to the core of the client’s decision-making biases. We all have behavioral biases; both you and the client. But we also now understand what those biases are and how best to keep them under control. Do you assume you can move from confident “face” meetings to remote advising – on Zoom, Skype, or otherwise? Do you think that because you’re skillful and successful in a meeting room that those intuitive skills translate via video conferencing? That kind of unchecked personal bias could seriously impact your business – and client portfolios.


Individuality versus success

We all respond differently to the same circumstances. So, if you want to keep your business open and successful and your clients happy and confident to know their money is in good hands, lay aside your individualism and pay attention to your clients’ personalities.

Know unequivocally how to adjust your behavior and personality to best communicate with clients – even when away from the familiarity of your office and beyond “face” meetings. Again, get to know yourself now before you assume you’ll be great online.

Here’s how to begin…

Select a client and get them on board so you can match both of your behaviors to understand the differences and how best to manage them. And use our Financial DNA Market Mood app to measure in real-time clients’ market fear or exuberance as the markets gyrate. This instant behavioral insight arms advisors with data to behaviorally manage clients during times of market turbulence.

So not only will you have a deep understanding of the clients (and your own) behavior, you will also have minute-by-minute access to a client’s reactions to current markets. Even with the most basic use of FDNA and Market Mood, you can use the information to pick up the phone and allay the fears of those clients who might panic.

How we can help

In the spirit of giving each other a hand up during these difficult times, try Financial DNA to reveal your financial personality on us, free. See below to get your free trial and/or book a 15-minute chat with one of my advisors right now to discuss how we can help you.

Stay safe. Stay home. And stay maximally engaged with your clients, even when your work with them can only take place remotely.

Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie - President and Founder of DNA Behavior International

Hugh Massie is a Behavioral Finance Strategist helping people and organizations worldwide "behavioralize money". His purpose is to guide people to be Behaviorally SMART for achieving greater financial empowerment so they can live with meaning and unlock their human potential.

Hugh liberates investors, advisors and organizational leaders with a unique blend of financial personality and economic insights to make improved life, financial and business decisions.In particular, he helps people become more self-aware so they do not make emotional decisions under pressure which sabotage their relationships and long-term horizon goals.

Hugh has over 60,000 hours of experience serving millions of investors with assets of $1 to $1 billion+ and the leaders of more than 2,500 businesses in 123 countries. (

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