How Team Matching Increases Client Engagement

How Team Matching Increases Client Engagement

For financial advisors, there is the unfortunate truth that nobody has created any identical clients, yet. If only there was a way to get the same client in your business, so you could handle all of your clients the exact same way. It’s also very difficult to find and hire the exact same type of person as additional advisors in an office to handle those same client personalities that aren’t there.

Since the world isn’t a perfect place and we rarely get to have any input on who comes in or out of our lives, we can at least now understand how to connect with those different clients who can be so wildly different. Further, we can better understand how to put different advisors within an advisory office in a position to match up with clients so they are a more natural fit and exponentially better client engagement.

When talking with new clients, I get more questions and apprehension on what this crazy looking matrix is and what it means. Quite simply, this image is the one of the easiest keys to read and understand who will be matched up most easily. If a new client (columns) is a Community Builder, but their advisor (rows) is an Initiator, will they be a good fit for each other? With one easy look at this matrix, you can see that they will not have an easy time connecting. But, if there is another advisor in that office who is an Engager, they will likely have an easier time matching their natural behaviors to each other.

For another illustration, please view the Behavioral Management Guide at the Financial DNA Sample Reports to find out how DNA Behaviors reports can help your teams client engagement strategies.

Chad Smith

Chad Smith - Consultant, Client Relationship Management

As a Consultant for Client Relationship Management, Chad is responsible for sales and support of new DNA Behavior clients. With a background of ten years experience in customer service and operations, he is passionate about understanding what the ultimate goal is and how to achieve that goal with each client. At DNA Behavior, this means providing advisors with an opportunity to fully understand and connect with their clients so that they can both reach their objectives.

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