How the Pandemic Affected Our Spending Habits – Sharing Our Most Unusual Purchases

Who in the 21st century would have believed they would be part of a worldwide pandemic, forced into isolation with limited access to life as they knew it? Within 24 hours, lives changed, natural behaviors were exposed, and so were spending patterns.

While people were confined to their homes, it became undeniable that the pandemic affected their spending habits. Some started making more online purchases than they had ever previously done, others were spending online just to occupy their time.

In times of crisis, it is human nature for us to revert back to our instinctual responses. As things start to go back to normal we all remember the unusual purchase we all made.

Three members of our DNA Behavior team share with you some of their most unusual purchases.

The Perfect Gaming Setup

If you haven’t met him yet, Ryan Scott is our innovative CTO, always searching for and identifying ways to connect with others using his unique people-before-numbers approach. Being a Reflective Thinker, Ryan succeeds by spending many hours objectively observing situations and uses his skill set to enhance unpredictable and complex situations. 

However, during Covid when people became housebound and freedom of movement was temporarily removed, Ryan started feeling isolated and needed to find an outlet. He had been a passionate playstation user for a while, and saw this as an opportunity to connect with friends, even so virtually. So he invested in several accessories that would enhance his gaming experience and play virtually with friends.

To compensate for many hours of competitive racing through the streets of Monaco, or parachuting into battlegrounds in war-torn areas – through his playstation of course – he also purchased an e-bike to spend more time outdoors.

From Self-Development to Gardening

Credit: The Farmstand

Lisa Travis is our Business Development Analysts and also happens to be an influencer. Throughout the pandemic, she found her online spending shifting towards a combination of online courses and membership sites. Six months passed and Lisa realized that spending $97 a month on products she didn’t need or use, was pointless.

By searching for something else to do, Lisa stumbled across a relatively easy and rewarding hobby. She was introduced to hydroponic gardening. She made the necessary online purchases and her garden started to grow ever since.

Creating the Perfect Home Garden

As you can see, gardening was a common theme within our DNA Behavior team.

Carol Pocklington, our Chief Insight Leader, had been working remotely for quite a while before the pandemic hit. It wasn’t that big of an adjustment for her. However, the window view from her home office was to her house’s backyard and she had been thinking about embellishing her garden for so long.
So she took that as an opportunity to create the perfect home garden, and view for her office. She ordered plants, shrubs, bulbs, and everything she needed to create a flourishing oasis of green.

What about you? What were your most unusual purchases during the pandemic?

Souki Fournier

Souki Fournier is a content marketing strategist. With a background of 10 years experience in marketing and content creation, she is particularly passionate about behavioral science and how behavioral insights can be leveraged to build successful businesses, manage finances, and even mediate personal relationships.