How to Avoid Mistakes? | Penny Zenker | Part 3 of 3 | Episode #280

Penny Zenker is a productivity expert, strategic business coach, international speaker and trainer, and best-selling author of “The Productivity Zone”. Penny Zenker is passionate about helping people living better, more fulfilling lives through greater focus, reducing stress, communicating more effectively, enhancing leadership skills and thinking more strategically to create leverage and greater productivity. She will challenge you to think differently and inspire you to be your best. Her easy to understand frameworks make implementation fast and easy.

Throughout her career, Penny has applied human psychology and behavior studies to business management. Her studies and application include traditional coaching methods from the International Coaching Academy, plus NLP, hypnotherapy, painting therapy and Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication, among others. She Coached for 5 years with Business Breakthroughs International, an Anthony Robbins and Chet Holmes company prior to developing her ground-breaking Productivity Assessment and Accountability Program, The P10: Productivity Accelerator System.

She developed her leadership and coaching expertise during a distinguished career as an executive within one of the world’s top market research firms. She has led organizations in innovation, operational improvement, strategic planning, acquisitions, information technology and human resources. Since 2009 she has focused exclusively on strategic planning, learning & development, and coaching.

Penny is an entrepreneur and innovator. She founded and later sold a multimillion dollar technology company where she established a solid brand and developed products that were recognized and sold internationally.

Penny earned a BS in Accounting and Finance from Drexel University and attended University College London. Her professional training in coaching methodologies is from the International Coach Academy (CPC), Anthony Robins Leadership, Steve Linder-NLP and Jack Canfield-Success Principles. She is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and A Master NLP practitioner and Neurostrategist.

What not to do in your morning routine

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