how to build client trust a financial dna product upgrade

How To Build Client Trust: A Financial DNA Product Upgrade

When we design feature improvements for Financial DNA, we look at the hot topics that are raised in our Wealth Mentor training and Advisor Community events. Last year, a hot topic was, how to build client trust.

I am excited to announce that today, we released an update to the Trust scoring model for Natural Behavior that will answer that very question. Just as Peter Drucker said, If You Cant Measure It, You Cant Improve It Financial DNA is now arming financial advisors with the measurement of trust and the tools to build a trusting relationship with clients.

Trust Scoring Upgrade:

This upgrade was a culmination of 5 years of psychometric research and independent validation by our team of PhDs and data scientists. The bar is now raised for DNA Behavior as having one of the only independently validated psychometric measurements of Trust in the behavioral profiling industry. In addition, this measurement provides our Financial DNA Wealth Mentors, and Users with the following in-depth insights (in addition to the other 54 additional behavioral attributes we measure):

  • Trust and Skepticism
  • Delegation and Controlling
  • Openness and Suspicion
  • Approachable and Questioning
  • Relaxed and Exacting

The Importance of Trust:

“Knowing how to build client trust is key when handling a financial portfolio. When you can understand a client’s approach to building trust, you can take actions to help them build trust with you in a way that is natural to them and helps them feel comfortable working with you. This requires you to know yourself and work to be transparent and flexible when working to match your clients preferred style.” Said Nikki Evans, DNA Behaviors Chief Learning Accelerator.

How to measure client trust:

The Financial DNA Natural Behavior assessment is an online questionnaire process that takes 10-minutes to complete. You, your clients, and the rest of your advice team spend just 10-minutes to complete their own assessment and compare the results. Each individuals Trust score will be available in each individuals 1-page factor Report, Financial Planning Reporting, Wealth Mentoring Reports, via data export as well as our Personality API.

How to build client trust:

Building trust with skeptical clients is a process. In our training programs, we cover a wide variety of strategies and scenarios to build trust with clients. Through a series of role-playing exercises, facilitated discussions, and case studies financial advisors are led through the client journey where they learn how to engage with clients on their own terms. This engagement helps investors get more comfortable to begin the process of building trust with you, their advisor.

Are you Naturally Trusting or Skeptical?

Are you naturally more trusting or skeptical? Find out in just 10-minutes with our free trial. Experience Financial DNA with this free trial and see how financial advisors use the behavioral finance platform to discover the communication styles, behavioral biases, and risk profiles of clients.

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott - CTO, Prod Dev & Integrations

As the CTO, Prod Dev & Integrations, Ryan designs, develops, and maintains all of the web-based DNA Behavior products and solutions in addition to providing support for clients.

He has a passion for creating and implementing efficient business processes and leveraging technology throughout our business.

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