Identity Conversation Takeaway: Adaptability Comes with Knowing Your Identity

Over the past few months, Hugh Massie sat down with some of the most influential consultants and entrepreneurs. Through their identity conversations, they all shared the impact DNA Behavior and knowing their identity has had on their work. We also asked Hugh some of our own questions on identity, here are our takeaways.

Adaptable, Nimble, Responsive Comes from Knowing Identity

One of the most important notions Hugh discusses with Nikki Evans during this interview is the notion of adaptability.

We are in a world today that is extremely dynamic. The foundations of the world are extremely different. The effect that technology has on our everyday life is tremendous. Our ability to connect much easier has changes the way we communicate and work together.

We are also in a world that is financially complex and extremely interconnected. Because of the constant change in our environment, the notion of adaptability is a must. We’ve seen it happened numerous times over the past years. Businesses used to last for centuries, today, they don’t even make it past a generation. Whereas many factors can contribute to it, a company that doesn’t embrace adaptability will always struggle to sustain itself.

When we speak of environmental changes, we don’t only refer to changes inside of a business, but also inside of people’s lives. And therefore the ability to flex is extremely important. Change can also be perceived as a chance to seize opportunities. As part of knowing yourself and your identity, you’d be able to take an opportunity when you see it.

In this day and age, you have to be able to make timely impactful decisions, all while knowing for sure that it is the right decision. We all have to be clear about our identity, our purpose, the impactful decisions we make in life, and how we execute them.

If we look at this on a bigger scale and from a business’s perspective, you will see that once individuals are aware of their identity and behavioral style, and able to seize the opportunities they are presented, their performance would have a tremendous impact on the business.

There’s Power in Individual and Group Identity

We’ve covered the topic of individual identity and how important to familiarise ourselves with our behavioral style. In addition to that, there is a concept of group identity and group purpose that is worth looking into.

You see, not only do individuals have an identity, groups and businesses have an identity as well. The team identity might revolve around the leader and who’s been brought up to the team, but it also can revolve around the product or service the business offers.

Although the world is moving towards a direction where it is less product-driven and more human-centered. So the business’s identity is drawn from its people.

It’s even reflected in today’s marketing efforts. The Marketing campaigns that get the most traction are the ones that address the human factor of the business and discuss founders and team members as opposed to just product and value delivered.

Final Thoughts

We’ve said it before and we will say it again. It is all about human behavior and identity. Your team, no matter the type of business that you run, has got to embrace its identity and be clear on its purpose. It is less about the bottom line and the results and more about clarity of purpose.

You see when you’re truly living your identity and your purpose the money will follow. The pursuit of money by itself may not be as fulfilling as you may think. It actually tends to be the one approach that destroys wealth instead of preserving it.

Hugh Massie

Hugh Massie - Chairman and CEO of DNA Behavior International

As an Identity Trailblazer and Behavioral Finance Insights Pioneer, Hugh Massie empowers advisers, business leaders, families and individuals to unlock their identity for accelerating dramatic change and discover how unknown behaviors which intensify through un-managed differences, money attitudes, pressure and emotions - derail performance.

Hugh helps advisers, leaders, families, and individuals adopt an “understanding people before numbers” approach to making Behaviorally SMART decisions based on their identity, thus customizing experiences for accelerating human performance.

Hugh’s real-world practical applications of behavioral insights and the mastery of the energy of money, blended with strong financial skills, gives him the unique capability to design a wide variety of universally applicable human performance apps. The tech Hugh has developed with his team benefits 1.5 million+ people annually in 125 countries & 11 languages.)