New Report: Customizing Financial Planning Has Never Been So Simple

With the all-in-one DNA Customized Behavioral Management Report, you can quickly and effectively tailor the financial planning experience.

Do We Really Know Our Financial Selves?

With the progress of technology we have got used to instant gratification. Long term perspectives and taking time to seriously focus on what is important? That’s becoming harder to do – especially if you are a trend follower.

Are Advisors Asking the Right Questions?

The world of financial advice is highly competitive; learning how to build your business and increase your bottom line could be as simple as knowing how to communicate with your prospects.

Why Your Behavior Influences Your Own Wealth More than Market Movements

If one cannot outguess the markets what should you do? The starting point for all investing lies not in what markets are doing but rather in what you actually need in your own personal life.

Work on Managing What You Can Control

93.6% of the financial planning process is the behavioral management of the client. Who is the first person that clients come in contact with at your firm, and are you assuming they know how to deal with every client?

How Advisors Should Interact with Baby Boomers in the Pre-Retirement Phase

For so many years Baby Boomers have been excitedly planning their retirement; looking forward to trips around the world, being mortgage free and much more. How can advisors deliver difficult news, provide encouraging advice, and retain the clients?

Is it Time to Change the Sales Approach?

How does understanding customer behavioral style help businesses? 5 thoughts on increasing the power to sell.

Are Clients Innately Loyal?

You work so hard to get new clients but how do you ensure that you keep them?

The Cat’s Butler

As a financial planner, it strikes me that cats and clients have much in common. There are moments when we really enjoy their company and their conduct and then there are other moments that wed rather not talk about. Sometimes these incompatible moments arise as a result of mismatched objectives.