Looking for Love: Advisor Matchmaking with Advisors Ahead

We live in a world where everything has come under question. Clients have been awakened to the fragility of wealth given the events of the past 15 years. They fret over maintaining their lifestyle and successfully transferring assets to their children while trying to put structure to prevent the kids from blowing it. In response, advisor teams are rolling out services that one man shops could never dream of. Large teams offer wealth psychologists to deal with governance and succession issues, alternatives, financial planning, banking and insurance, trust and estates, retirement planning, special needs and the list goes on. Coupled with regulatory and compliance issues, an outsider would logically ask how one or even two advisors can do it all? Or better yet, why do some decide to do it all? Hugh Massie, CEO and Founder of DNA Behavior, a relationship management strategist and team dynamics authority, provided his answers based on working with thousands of advisors:

  1. Senior advisors want to maintain as much of the revenues as possible as they have the attitude; I built it and they are my clients.
  2. Senior advisors have not built a proper business plan for growth or succession. This lack of growth does not provide room for someone else to come in.
  3. Prot

Michael Marciniak

Michael Marciniak - Chief Business Officer and Senior Partner of Advisors Ahead LLC

Continuing his purpose and passion of mentoring, coaching and developing Financial Advisors. Mike has been in the Financial Services Industry for over 30 years.

During 2012, Mike was a collaborative partner with DMW Strategic Consulting. DMW Strategic Consulting is a practice management firm specializing in guiding Advisors and Advisory Teams to achieve business and life goals.

Mike is the author of "Living Your American Dream" published by Robert Reed Publishing and an inspirational speaker on the subject of work, life balance. He has been a featured speaker for TLC5.

From 2009 to 2011, Mike was the Director of Marketing for DLS Capital Management, a boutique money management firm based out of Chicago.

From 1986 to 2009, Mike worked at Smith Barney and its predecessor firms. He began as a Training Officer in Chicago where he trained, coached and developed over 800 Financial Advisor Associates. He then moved to Sarasota, Florida where he ran a complex prior to being named Executive V.P./Regional Director in 2001 for the North Florida Region based in Tampa, Florida. In those 8 years, he led, managed and supervised 20 parent branches, 13 satellite offices, 3 bank centers with over sight of 535 Financial Advisors and 250 support staff.

From 1983 to 1986, Mike began his Financial Services career as an Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Chicago, Illinois after working two years as a Credit Representative with U.S. Steel.

Mike has been active in many charitable and civic organizations and is an Easter Seals Hall of Fame recipient. Mike graduated with an M.B.A. (Magna Cum Laude) and B.S. Finance, Northern Illinois University.

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