Manage differences by managing communication

Manage Differences By Managing Communication

Nikki Evans – our Chief Learning Officer – recently authored an article, “Managing differences by telling stories and finding common language, for Training Industry. A synopsis of the article appears here; we encourage you to use the link above to read the full article, as well as discover other great Training Industry articles.

There are many ways to consider managing (human) differences in a work environment. Different goals, different knowledge levels at the onset of a project, different levels of commitment to the team/business, and different abilities and talents. All are important to consider when leading a team.

Managing differing communication styles is one method. That can mean finding tailored ways to reach each type of employee. Or you can find universal ways to reach many different employee types/styles at once.

Either way, it’s important to learn about different personality types and communication styles, including your own. The key: What is someone’s innate behavioral style? Behavior they display, whether or not they are even aware of it.

This can be especially crucial information for leaders at any level. As a leader, you can start to pick up on the style of those you are leading based on the questions you get and the way your team members speak to you (or the way they don’t).

Yes, there is a “go to” method of communicating that resonates with all communications styles. We’ll leave that nugget to be discovered in the full version of this article.

For now, an example

In a recent leadership meeting, our pace was quicker than previous executive meetings. The leader frequently provided a high-level overview of points and opened discussion.

When the leader took a deeper dive into the material and was more detailed, the team energy drifted and people in the room began looking at their devices. The leader then adjusted and included more real examples and even invited people to provide real-life scenarios.

By adjusting the presentation to allow for more discussions and examples from participants, the leader was able to get the team more engaged and better overall results from the meeting.

Nikki Evans

Nikki Evans

Nikki Evans - CLO, Chief Learning Officer

Nikki is passionate about helping people make small adjustments to their style that lead to huge gains in employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity. She works with teams to improve communication, understanding and help them achieve even more. In addition, Nikki loves working with smart, motivated people who just need a little support or slight change in perspective to get more of what they want. She is an insightful coach with scientifically validated assessments to help clients meet their goals. She Nikki says, " I believe that work can and should be a place where we thrive and grow.