Management Principle: Acknowledgement

Our words have tremendous power in the lives of others and I believe that someday, somewhere, we’ll give an account for the things we say. The cascading consequences of our words will show up somewhere else in life and either help us or hurt us. Knowing this principle, I would like to encourage all of us to be intentional about acknowledging and promoting the good acts and behaviors in others. I hope you enjoy today’s principle.

Acknowledgement. Human design requires that certain needs be met: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, etc. Studies show that babies who go untouched by human hands will suffer more illnesses both physically and psychologically. This insight into humanity helps us know that, “man does not live by bread alone.” The power of acknowledgement is a life-giving source of encouragement that meets needs in others, in a way that produces healthy, motivated human resources in the workplace. For those who believe that encouragement leads to pride or arrogance, it’s tantamount to saying that too much food leads to fatness, therefore don’t feed at all. Everything in life requires balance and the discerning leader will know when to apply what in the process of staff development. Acknowledgment is the act of rightfully identifying good behavior or outcomes in others and properly “touching” them with your words. It becomes a source of healing and health to the thirsty and undernourished emotional states of others. Human connection and social bonds are created through the process of acknowledgment, fostering trust, loyalty and the giving of oneself to difficult goals.

Coaching questions: How can you use acknowledgement to touch those around you? With whom might you start?

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