Management Principle: Corporate Wellness

The work of an organizational professional in today’s world requires particular attention to culture and climate, especially considering the next generation of workers. What worked in prior years will no longer be sufficient with the emerging workforce. This condition actually represents a step forward in needed change. I hope you like today’s principle on corporate wellness.Human Incentive Systems

Corporate Wellness. ? Like many health issues, there are certain conditions that can be avoided by taking proactive steps. For example, the best time to reduce one’s cheeseburger intake is long before the first heart attack. In the same manner, corporate wellness can be addressed in advance, noting that its “heart” is its culture, measured by the health of internal relationships. The manager-managee relationship is the most crucial; however, a mismatch between the stated beliefs of the firm (corporate values) and the behaviors of its officers and managers can create an even more toxic condition. The results are employee disengagement and lost productivity. Employees function best when they bring their whole self to work.

Imagine being prepped for surgery, and moments before you are put to sleep, you observe your surgeon throwing a fit due to an issue with hospital management. The cultural experience we provide for our employees will determine their ability to focus on job-related results. Corporate wellness implies strong working relationships, and a tangible, internal expression of corporate values, matched with professional managers who truly value people.

Coaching questions: How healthy are your internal relationships? How can you take a more proactive approach to corporate wellness?

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