Management Principle Engage

Management Principle: Engage

To serve as an organizational leader is as much a calling as it is a vocation. I sometimes think that if professional counseling requires specific degrees and licenses to protect people from the effects of bad advice or illegitimate process, then the same rules should apply to managerial leadership. Learning how to engage others properly is a professional management skill. I hope you resonate with today’s principle…

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Engage. Most people don’t like conflict, but there are times when an organizational leader must engage those around him to cultivate desired results. The ones who do it well have sound judgment, pure motives, and a good understanding of human behavior. They will approach others in their self interest, rather than getting emotionally hooked.

So what’s the secret to engage others properly?

If as leaders we receive poor responses from others on a recurring basis, chances are we need to change our approach. After all, method trumps message 100% of the time. True influence is the ability to foster new behaviors in others, in their self interest. But, we must be prepared for resistance, much like the lifeguard attempting to rescue someone who is drowning.

It requires that we maintain composure, clarify our intentions when others accuse us, and keep in mind that this type of work usually requires a degree of sacrifice on our part, that is, making it about them and not about us.

Coaching questions: What circumstances indicate that you need to engage others around you? What is the cost of either not engaging, or, of engaging poorly? Please write your answers in your journal.

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