Management Principle: Enthusiasm

People are truly the most cherished resource a company can have, regardless of what corporate officers say or do. And, because many organizational leaders focus on outcomes and not process, they try to achieve an end, but fail to address the systems and processes that create success. Supplying the emotional needs of your employees is essential for both human and corporate health.

Enthusiasm. We all want our employees to be enthusiastic because it’s reflective of a level of engagement. This inward motivation supplies emotional energy and thus physical energy to get the job done. The question is: Where does enthusiasm come from? How can we hire people who are enthusiastic? And, what do we do with people who have lost their enthusiasm? The answer lies in humanity and not in financial incentives. Humans are complex beings comprised of physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects that require care, nurture, and encouragement. Enthusiasm is something that is felt and is usually the result of inspiration. It emerges when a person sees their part in a bigger story; it counteracts the voices that say “you are insignificant.” To develop enthusiasm, leaders must be visionaries while demonstrating strong managerial prowess–true efficacy in leadership requires both. They articulate the big picture and then help their people live in that vision through inspiration and modeling. While this makes intellectual sense, it’s not intuitive, which is why leadership is a profession of discipline, and not simply a position one occupies.

Coaching questions: Is your life a form of inspiration to others? How can you create more enthusiastic employees?

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