Management Principle: Messaging

To be effective at visionary and managerial leadership, the two essential ingredients of an organizational leader, one must have an accurate understanding of what motivates human beings in settings where achieving goals and teamwork is a high priority. They learn what it means to cultivate desired outcomes over time. Messaging plays a key role in this process, as you will see in today’s principle.

Messaging. The way we view and therefore manage the human resources assigned to us will ultimately determine the degree to which we scale, innovate and succeed in collective efforts. Similar to raising children, if the messaging we give our employees is “you’re a failure,” or “you annoy me,” how can true confidence and heartfelt motivation emerge? If we fail to provide the right messaging, we will forfeit opportunities to cultivate healthy organizational contributors. Internal human response is the same regardless of the context. If staff members are not thinking and behaving the way we believe they should then the best place to look to promote change is in the mirror.

To cultivate right results in others means that we are using wholesome, appropriate human incentive systems, taking humanity into account. Making demands using a show of power or force only ensures that other’s actual thinking, feeling, and behaviors will be driven underground–any display of loyalty under these circumstances will be in outward form only. Using time-tested professional management skills bridges the gap.

Coaching questions: What needs do you see in your staff members that concern you? How can you improve your messaging to cultivate different results?
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