Management Principle: Misfits

In today’s work environments where staff members are promoted to managers and leaders because they were really good at their craft, we oftentimes miss the most important ingredient as to whether they can truly be successful in their new role. Do they really understand how to manage and motivate people? If the answer is “no,” then they may not be ready for the assignment. I hope you like today’s principle on misfits.

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Misfits. As organizational leaders, we observe people that are difficult to work with and conclude that we have “the wrong people on the bus.” And while that’s always a possibility, it’s not likely that this condition exists to the degree it’s claimed. If we match a person’s assessment results with job requirements, and complete the Human Resource vetting process, it’s more likely that there are other factors at play. Rather than punt and change out team members, professional leaders will discern the staff member’s needs and then methodically manage to cultivate for the right results. The process starts by understanding the strengths and struggles of human nature, and, by being familiar with the many different personality profiles. Effective leaders will then match the styles of their employees which yields genuine influence. Applying proper human incentive systems will cause a staff member to grow and take full responsibility for their domains with improved judgment and insight. Successful executives are those with the patience and determination to develop those who work under their care, converting misfits to champions.

Coaching questions: How many among your staff would you say are misfits? How can you more fully cultivate their behaviors to produce organizational champions?

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