Managing Perceptions to Build Relationships

Managing Perceptions to Build Relationships

When it comes to building meaningful and successful relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and clients, effective communication is foundational. The quality of your relationship with any person has a direct impact on the quality of decisions that get made. When the communication is poor, peopleCommunication DNA Profile start making decisions around each other because the trust has been diminished. Poor communication and breakage in trust may be the result of differing styles of communication or behavior. However, it can also be a simple case of misunderstanding another person’s words or actions.

In their recent management principle, Internal Innovations addresses an important aspect of good communication? – managing other’s perceptions. Dean Harbry writes, “it is important to realize that we are responsible for managing other’s perceptions of us. Taken to an extreme, this could be harmful and even manipulative, but utilizing self-awareness and empathy is crucial when others are left to judge. It is unfortunate but true that people will judge others by their actions and themselves by their intentions”.

When you find that there may be a gap between “what was said or done” and “what was heard or perceived”, make the effort to close the gap. Clarify your intentions to make sure that you have been fully understood. This will benefit your relationships in the long run.

How might you need to modify your behavior to manage other’s perceptions?

To read the full article on the Internal Innovations blog, click here.

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