Meet Kenyatta Turner, The Behavioral SuperPower Diva

Kenyatta Turner is a successful Behavioral SuperPower Coach, Business Consultant, and Motivational Educator to name a few. She is one of the most enthusiastic and engaging behavioral professionals you will ever meet. With more than 25 years of academic experience, Kenyatta is a creative, yet analytical thinker with an unshakeable commitment to helping those around her to flourish throughout their personal, professional, and educational paths.
Today we are shedding the light on the journey of this Behavioral SuperPower Diva who’s been helping others build their empires through uncovering their behavioral talents.

Unexpected Midlife Review

After a 20 year-long academic career where she held various leadership roles at a few different colleges (Director of Admissions, Assistant Director of Career and Student Services, as well as Professor), at the age of 39, Kenyatta found herself faced with what she calls a midlife review. Despite a successful career and the huge impact her work had on many students, she found herself wondering if she was truly happy and fulfilled with where her career had led her.
She realized that while her job offered her security and monetary attributions, what she craved and longed for the most, was fulfillment, time, and freedom. That became the most important thing to her.
She then made the life-changing decision to shift her career towards what mattered to her most: helping people and inspiring them to pursue their true calling in life, but this time, she would do it on her own terms.

True Calling

That is how Freedom Empire Consulting was born. Today Kenyatta teaches personal development classes that helps people uncover their Behavioral SuperPowers and build a life they can feel happy and fulfilled in. She is also DreamSmart Academy’s Chief Behavioral SuperPower Consultant and has been coaching and mentoring individuals around the country for 6 years now. She helps clients build and shield their freedom empires through coaching, influencing, and protecting with LegalShield.

Although it was somewhat of a tumultuous path to get on, Kenyatta stood her ground, pursued her dream, and let her passion for helping people drive her motivation.

Leveraging The Power of Behavioral Insights

Kenyatta’s method consists of helping her students uncover their Behavioral SuperPowers and leverage their behavioral strengths to build a fulfilling life and career. For instance, Kenyatta’s superpower is “Outgoing, Fast-Paced Influencer”. She is an extremely creative individual who leverages her behavioral strength to serve, mentor, and empower those around her.
She was initially introduced to behavioral science at the very beginning of her journey and partnered with DNA Behavior to learn more about behavioral insights, and quickly became one of our most acclaimed accredited consultants. She was (and still is) amazed by the power of behavioral science and how it completely transformed her work. As Kenyatta describes it herself “If I had had this, if I had known, how different would my life be!”
“I use behavioral superpowers in my classes, mentorships, masterminds, and pretty much all aspects of my life.” She continues, “ Everything starts with the behavioral superpowers because without that, we don’t know who we are dealing with. But with that, I can help and coach people to uncover their superpower”

The Ultimate DNA Behavior Ambassador

As an accredited Business DNA Consultant, Kenyatta took a deep dive into our program and was absolutely amazed by the added value it had on her work as well as personal life.
As an Influencer in her DNA Style, she naturally connects with people and demonstrates a sincere passion to help people find out who they are and how to reach their goals. Through her training with DNA Behavior, she was able to frame her work more efficiently and uncover any challenges she or her students might face through their journey and how to address them according to their respective behavioral styles.
As she looks back at her journey, Kenyatta admits that being introduced to behavioral science and working with DNA Behavior was truly a pivotal moment in her career.
That is why we consider Kenyatta Turner to be the Ultimate DNA Behavior Ambassador and are thrilled to share her “Fantastic Voyage”.

If you are interested in Kenyatta’s training with DNA Behavior and would like to become an accredited consultant, schedule your first consultation with our team today and take advantage of our 14-day free trial.

Souki Fournier

Souki Fournier

Souki Fournier is a digital marketer and content writer. With a background of 10 years experience in marketing and content creation, she is particularly passionate about behavioral science and how behavioral insights can be leveraged to build successful businesses, manage finances, and even mediate personal relationships.