bad attitudes are contagious

Bad Attitudes Are Contagious

Workplace attitudes influence every person in the organization, from team colleagues to the leadership. Attitudes can control the workplace environment by impacting morale, productivity, and team effectiveness. Understanding and recognizing the behaviors that are at the root of poor attitudes is essential to the ongoing success and security of the business. It only takes one […]

The Canon Curve – Episode 19: Hugh Massie

Keeping us ahead of the Curve today is an individual who takes a unique approach to the financial services industry-understanding human behavior, not just numbers. By applying behavioral psychology to his company’s business principles, Hugh Massie provides practical solutions for clients to become financially self-empowered and […]

Having Potential (#119)

Much of our motivation in life is driven by two feelings that are often at different ends of the emotional spectrum: inspiration and discomfort. This week, the focus is on discomfort.[…]

Raising Values (#118)

As a company, we have always aspired to not have a lot of rules. Instead, we prefer to focus on and reinforce our company’s core values. We believe they are key[…]

Moment or Movement (#117)

This past Saturday, students all around the world marched peacefully in the March for Our Lives. In Washington DC, it was the biggest youth demonstration since the 1960’s. The symbolism and[…]

Karma Cycle (#116)

Amanda Needham was pissed and she wanted it to be known. A thief had stone her bike from outside her house in Brooklyn, leaving behind only a tire and the lock.[…]

Having Confidence (#115)

(Podcast audio link at the end of the post) About four years ago, I attended a fascinating presentation given by Peter Atwater to a group of CEOs. Peter, a renowned expert[…]

With Gratitude (#114)

A few years back, my family and I started implementing a practice that was recommended to me by a mentor of mine, Warren Rustand. His advice was, after your stay at[…]

Clutch Performers (#113)

Over the past two weeks, we all witnessed a lot of “clutch” performances in the Olympics. From Shawn White’s gold medal-winning run in the half pipe to Ester Ledecka becoming the[…]