Clutch Performers (#113)

Over the past two weeks, we all witnessed a lot of “clutch” performances in the Olympics. From Shawn White’s gold medal-winning run in the half pipe to Ester Ledecka becoming the[…]

Copy Cats (#112)

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I have never liked this phrase. I think it’s something we tell ourselves to feel better when we are annoyed at someone incessantly copying us. Or,[…]

Formula for Change (#111)

Change is never easy. It’s hard enough to create within ourselves, but even harder to drive change in others, whether that’s in our roles as parents or business and community leaders.[…]

Prism or Laser? (#109)

Understanding the fundamental difference between a prism and a laser can predict success in life and business. Allow me to explain. A laser takes light and amplifies it, turning it into[…]

As a Financial Advisor, how do you advise Entrepreneurs

Advising Entrepreneurs, as a Financial Advisor

A good idea, a solid strategy, an understanding of clients genetic makeup could be a ticket to their success. But without this insight – failure is more likely both for you as an advisor and for the client who wants to be an entrepreneur. DNA Behavior International’s extensive research from recent academic research and studies […]

Game Face (#108)

“There is no way the kicker is making that field goal.” I made this bold proclamation to a table full of colleagues as we watched the recent College Football Championship game[…]

Stop Doing List (#107)

For many of us, the first few weeks of 2018 are focused on goal creation and to-do lists for the developing year. While those are certainly important, I’d encourage you to[…]

Entrepreneurs Cant be Lone Wolves and be Successful

Entrepreneurial Lone Wolves Can’t Be Successful

Entrepreneurs can’t do it alone. From start-up, the entrepreneur has many roles and will not have the skill set for all of them. Building the right team around them is critical to building a successful business. Sir Richard Branson makes the following observation: People tend to think of entrepreneurs as lone heroes, but this isn’t […]

Travel Rewards (#106)

As I mentioned in last week’s note, I am just returning from an extend trip in Australia with my family. This trip reminded me of the many personal and business benefits[…]