You Never Start Over – You Simply Move Down Another Path | Morgan Field | Part 3 |Episode #126

Morgan Field is the CEO and Founder of the International Female Empowerment Brand – Epic Sexy You.  She is an award–winning Intuitive Life Coach, and the author of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Book – Epic Sexy You: No Limits. No Rules.  – Which helps women fall madly deeply in love with themselves so that they can get busy living, while creating and sustaining a[…]

Great Results Made Easy | Episode #125

Tired of always forcing yourself to take action?  Learn to make getting the results you want easy.   BUSINESS EXECUTION SUMMIT It’s not what you know that matters but your ability to EXECUTE and get stuff done that matters.  For more information about the upcoming exclusive live Business Execution Summit, text the word BESUMMIT to 41411 This event is[…]

What Gifts Can Being Blind Bring You? | Tanner Gers | US Paralympian | Speaker & Author | Part 1 | Episode #124

Tanner Gers was an All-American kid growing up, excelling in school and sports, but On March 28, 2004, this All-American life should have ended during a tragic auto accident. That day, a tree shot through Tanner’s windshield, causing a traumatic brain injury, fracturing his spinal column, blowing his eye out of the socket, leaving a massive hole in his[…]