Time Is On Your Side | Episode #12

Step #7 or 7 of the Ultimate Success Map.  Time is on your side….Well, it might not be on your side but you better figure out how it works and to use it to your advantage.   Thank you for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor Conklin [...]

WInning On and Off the Field with NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Fran Tarkenton | Episode #11 | Part 1

Fran Tarkenton is a serial entrepreneur and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, and the founder of Tarkenton Companies. During his NFL career, Tarkenton set every major record for quarterbacks: wins, completions, pass attempts, touchdowns, passing yards, and rushing yards. He led the Minnesota Vikings to three Super Bowl appearances and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1986.[...]

Massive Actions | Lessons from 9/11 | Episode #10

Step #6 of 7  – Ultimate Success Map.  How Actions played a key role on 9/11 and how your actions will effect the rest of your life.  The ability to take massive action, in any situation, is a key skill all peak performers master.  Find out how in this Episode.     Thank you for listening [...]

Daymond Sewall | The Shredded Executive | Raw, Real and In Your Face | Episode #9

You can’t handle the truth.  You’re overweight, out of shape and everyone around you is telling you it’s ok.  NOT Daymond!  Daymond Sewall author of the The Shredded Executive brings a raw, real and in your face episode discussing how to finally kick the sugar addiction once and for all and so many other PED’s  -  Performance Enhancing Disciplines[...]

Why It’s All a Bunch of B.S. | Episode #8

  5th of 7 steps in the Ultimate Success Map.  #1 Killer of you getting all you want and desire comes down to your BS – Belief Systems. Listen to today’s Episode to not only find what they are, how they are formed, how to change them if you want to but why they control everything you[...]

Work Life Balance | Cocaine vs. Sugar | Episode #7

We discuss in today’s episode how to finally get work life balance as well as how to conquer food addictions and why eating more is better.       Thank you for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor Conklin    [...]

Am I Committed or Just Interested? | Episode #6

4th of 7 steps in the Ultimate Success Map.  Most people say they are committed but they are not. They are only interested.  Hear the story of the sky diver and the Pig and you will know the difference between committed and interested.       Thank you for listening [...]

Decide or Decide Not…There Is No Other Choice | Episode #5

3rd of 7 steps in the Ultimate Success Map. It all comes down to the decisions that you make and keep.        Thank you for listening   Please follow us on:   Facebook: Thor Conklin      Twitter: @ThorConklin [...]

Effective and Efficient Plan | Episode #4

  2nd of 7 steps in the Ultimate Success Map.  If you don’t have an Efficient and Effective Plan, stop what you are doing and get one.  You will not produce consistent and successful results without one.  This episode will teach you how to do it.       Thank you for[...]