New Report: Customizing Financial Planning Has Never Been So Simple

The new, all-in-one DNA Customized Behavioral Management Report helps you quickly and effectively tailor the financial planning experience for the lifetime of each client based on their unique financial personality.

We’re very excited to announce the release of our new DNA Customized Behavioral Management Guide. Advisors can now?tailor the entire financial planning meeting structure, style and content to match the clients natural behavior style.

All-in-one solution for behavioral management of your clients.

While providing guidance on how?to?best serve the client, the powerful and completely personalized behavioral insights in this report also make it easy for advisors to manage their own behavioral biases.?Adapting to the client?has never been easier.

Immediately make the application of behavioral insights in working with each client more practical and actionable in the following areas:

  • Behavioral Compatibility with the Client
  • Influences of Behavioral Biases on?Financial?Decision-Making
  • Discovery Connection Questions
  • Client Engagement ? Relationship Behavior Risk Management
  • Setting Goals – Financial Behavior Risk Management
  • Building the Portfolio – Investment Behavior Risk Management
    And more!

Learn more and view a sample.

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