Why Helping Your Clients Know Their Number is an Old School Approach

Have you ever had a client tell you their number? You know, the net worth number that will make them happy. Focusing on this number is outdated, a mistake and I contend will actually hurt someones chances of reaching their long term goals. Heres why.

Whats Certain is Uncertainty

As a financial advisor, you have done a good job of helping your pre-retired clients dream, define their ideal goals and manage a portfolio to achieve those goals. But that may or may not have anything to do with their reality.

Advisers Probe Clients’ Financial Personalities

A recent article from the Wall Street Journal describes how Advisers are using Financial DNA to figure out their clients’ behavioral-finance types and how best to communicate with each one.

Investors Eat the Behavior of Advisors

When discussing financial planning issues, there is so much talk about investor behavior. However, rarely does the discussion get to the advisors behavior. Have you ever considered how much the advisors behavior impacts the investors performance?

The Perpetual Income Stream

As a child, each of us had dreams of who we wanted to be and what we wanted to accomplish. As we mature, we begin to lose sight of those dreams and aspirations as the daily reality of life takes up more and more of our time.

Management Principle: Balance

If the pressures of life rob you of your ability to relax and take in life around you, something’s wrong. We have a greater need today, than any other time in history, to find balance.

Management Principle: Trust

Most people long for deep and meaningful relationships and yet are ever puzzled as to why they don’t work as well as they should. The missing ingredient, preventing individuals and teams from going deeper, is trust.

Management Principle: Acknowledgement

Our words have tremendous power in the lives of others. The cascading consequences of our words will show up somewhere else in life and either help us or hurt us.

Management Principle: Human Incentive Systems

The difference between a good company and a great one is its people–providing the right human incentive systems is what ultimately creates a great company.