Organizing a Family Meeting

How can you have sound family communication if your family never properly gets together as a family unit? Why are you holding back from organizing a family meeting? Are you concerned it will not be worthwhile? More importantly, are you concerned about some hot issues that may get raised? What happens if someone gets very emotional? Will the cost be too high?

These are no doubt very valid reasons for not organizing a family meeting. However, do you want greater family unity, and hence greater family harmony, wealth and ultimately a quality life? If yes, the key then is to start planning a family meeting and hopefully make it an annual event. Remember, every family has some level of dysfunction so you need to realize that but not let it deter you from having a meeting.

In planning the family meeting, whatever your place in or relationship to the family, you need to have a positive mind-set. The meeting is more likely to be successful if every one comes to the meeting wanting to enhance family unity and achieve a positive outcome. You may not necessarily get every issue resolved so do not expect that to happen. However, if a dialogue on some key issues is opened up in a positive way then this is a great start to building family unity.

Choosing what you want to talk about as a family unit is also very important. This will somewhat differ for each family depending on the state of family dynamics, the circumstances the family in, the opportunities and the problems. Certainly, it is safer to choose areas to discuss that will minimize the potential for confrontation. This is particularly important until the family is used to meeting and handling conflict together. Once the understanding is developed the more difficult topics can be raised. You also need to ensure that the whole experience of the family meeting is warm and exciting, even if there are large and/or financial issues to discuss. Everyone should want to come and look forward to it.

If need be, consider hiring an independent family facilitator to guide you through the process.

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